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Dermive Moisturizing Wash
Are normal cleansers too harsh for you? Try this gentle, barrier repairing formulation that cleanses effectively without stripping the skin!  Ideal for dry, eczema prone skin.  Cleanses skin effectively.  Provides hydration.  Repairs skin barrier.  Soothes inflamed skin. Suitable For:  Normal,...
Rs. 1,198
Dermive Sensitive Moisturizer
This fragrance free formula with Oat Kernel oil is ideal for those who suffer from skin sensitivity, redness, itchy skin and damaged skin barrier.  Calms inflamed skin.  Works to treat atopic dermatitis.  Ideal for Dry and sensitive skin.  Helps with...
Rs. 998
MandelAC Serum
Our bestselling MandelAC serum containing 20% Mandelic Acid is a perfect everyday exfoliant for acne prone skin.  94% saw even skin tone and texture with no scarring. 94% saw reduced post-breakout dark spots. 94% saw reduced hyperpigmentation. Clinically proven to...
Rs. 1,398
NiaRonic Serum (Pore Minimizing)
Designed to boost your skin's health by removing excess oil, unclogging pores, and preventing breakouts.  Shrinks Enlarged Pores Defends Against Acne  Controls Oil Production Eliminates Fine Lines Minimizes Redness Suitable For:  Normal, Oily & Sensitive Skin Type  When To Apply:...
Rs. 1,598
Maxdif Brightening Serum
Say goodbye to dark spots and uneven skin tone with a few drops of this powerful elixir!  97% saw even skin tone and brighter skin 95% saw reduced post-breakout dark spots. 93% saw reduced hyperpigmentation. Clinically proven to reduce dark...
Rs. 1,598
Dermive Oil Free
Infused with ceramides and hyaluronic acid, Dermive Oil free is the #1 best selling moisturizer in Pakistan.   Calms and soothes skin.  Provides hydration without feeling sticky.  Light weight.  Protects skin against UV rays.  Makes skin plump.  Suitable For:  Normal, Oily...
Rs. 998
Anagrow Hair Serum
An advanced scalp and hair concentrate that gives your hair a new life in just 3 months!  Reduces hair fall significantly.  Helps with Male pattern baldness.  Makes hair thicker and denser in just 3 months.  Helps with receding hairline.  Restores...
Rs. 1,398
Maxdif Brightening Cream
Embrace brighter skin without a second thought now, as we have boosted the Maxdif experience from 30 to 40 grams of pure skin-brightening goodness💖And guess what? The best part remains unchanged – the price! Add it to your cart now!✨...
Rs. 1,498
Spectra Matt SC SPF 40
Combat shine and protect your skin with our targeted acne-friendly, broad spectrum Spectra Matt spf 40.  Contains SPF 40 Contains sebomicropores for oil control. No white cast. Ideal for Oily and Acne Prone Skin Prevents Premature Aging Suitable for Face...
Rs. 1,998
Cerulic Glow Boosting Serum
This exceptional formula targets two core issues; hyperpigmentation & aging with just a few drops of application daily.  Targets Dark spots.  Brightens Dull skin.  Protects skin against oxidative damage caused by UV rays by 41%  Reduces Hyperpigmentation. Prevents loss of...
Rs. 1,798
Epceama Anti Aging Serum
Known as the "superfood of the sea", 5% Epceama tackles the signs of aging (finelines, wrinkles and sagging) on cellular level!  Reduces Signs of Aging By 29% Restores Skin’s Firmness Reduces Wrinkles & Fine Lines Brightens Dull & Tired Skin...
Rs. 1,798
Test Product Sun block
Need an all in one solution to eradicate hair and nail breakage? One supplement a day will keep breakage away!   Supports Collagen production.  Encourages Faster hair growth.  Repairs brittle hair.  Supports healthy metabolism.  Provides stronger immunity.  Suitable For:  Everyone.  When...
Rs. 20,000
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