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MandelAC ™ Serum

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With the power of 20% Mandelic Acid, MandelAC™ Serum is a (3-in-1) Anti Acne,Skin Brightening & Anti Wrinkle Serum. Mandelic Acid is the only known AHA to have well- established antibacterial properties. MandelAC™ Serum offers remarkable improvement in comedonal & pustular acne with Anti-bacterial & Exfoliatory activity. MandelAC™ Serum can be used to treat Melasma, Post inflammatory hyperpigmentation, lentigenes & acne scars. With its collagen strengtheing properties it also decreases appearance of fine lines.


How to apply:

Apply proper amount evenly onto the face with the help of finger, dropper or cotton swab until full absorption. Avoid Eye Area.
Oily Skin: Use Daily. Once skin improves, reduce frequency.
Normal/Combination Skin: Apply on Problematic/T-Zone daily or every other day.
Dry Skin: Use once a week or Add in essence or lotion for mild skin renewal effects.
Mandelic Acid may cause dryness, so use of Dermive Oil Free is recommended. Do use Sunscreen, more than SPF 30 when move out in Sun.

For Long term use:

Mix Serum with daily lotion to simplify beauty regime and maintain results in the long term after initial treatment.

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