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Maxdif Brightening Cream
Embrace brighter skin without a second thought now, as we have boosted the Maxdif experience from 30 to 40 grams of pure skin-brightening goodness💖And guess what? The best part remains unchanged – the price! Add it to your cart now!✨...
Rs. 1,498
SpectraBlock SPF60
Your daily defense against sunburn and premature aging—our reliable broad spectrum Spectra block SPF 60!  Contains SPF 60 Broad Spectrum Sunblock No White Cast Prevents Premature Aging Shine Free Suitable for Face and Body Suitable For:  Normal & Dry Skin...
Rs. 998
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Spectra Block Max 100
Rs. 998 Rs. 998
Spectra Block Max 100
Stay safe under the sun with our dermatologist-recommended Spectra block Max SPF 100!  Contains SPF 100 Broad Spectrum Sunblock No White Cast Prevents Premature Aging Suitable for face and body Suitable For:  Normal, Dry & Sensitive Skin Type When To Apply:...
Rs. 998 Rs. 895
Dermive Oily
This rich blend of H.A, ceramides and fatty oil bases is a holy grail for all dry skin conditions (psoriasis, eczema, dry patches).  Deeply hydrates the skin.  Provide relief to cracked, itchy skin.  Prevents transepidermal water loss.  Soothes skin.  Makes...
Rs. 998
Dermive Urea
Formulated with 10% urea and Vitamin E, this moisturizer hydrates the skin to its core!  Treats Eczema, Corns, Callus & Psoriasis Heals Cracked Heels by 98% Relieves Itching & Soothes Skin Suitable For:  Normal, Dry & Sensitive Skin Type  When...
Rs. 998
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