The right organic face wash for your skin type

The Right Organic Facewash For Your Skin Type

We often see the word ‘organic’ when it comes to skincare and see all the celebrities and influencers raving about organic skincare products, organic produce, and organic life, even to the point where they claim that their flawless, airbrushed skin is nothing but a result of organic lifestyle! But what does it mean? And why does everyone encourage us to go organic even though it costs us extra bucks and some effort? The word organic is used for something that is produced using a natural method and without the usage of any artificial chemicals, fertilizers, and pesticides. Since this method of production is particularly difficult without anything artificial, organic products are often somewhat expensive than mass-produced products. Organic products, due to their straightforward process of production, are also less likely to irritate the skin so people with sensitive skin are often better off using organic ingredients for their skin.

As we progress towards a society that is more informed and as the internet lingo defines it, ‘woke’ society, there is now some awareness of what to do and what not to do. People now generally try to make an informed decision about everything they do and this holds specifically true in the case of diet, lifestyle, and skincare. Due to digital media and easy access to everything these days, people know what is good for them and what is terrible for their health even if they’ve been using it for quite some time now. It is, however, important to know your skin type and the nature of organic ingredients you’ll be using for your skin to get desired results.

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Oily Skin

Oily skin type is characterized by the presence of excessive sebum on the skin and this skin type maintains its elasticity but oily skin is often acne-prone as well. The oil gets accumulated in the skin’s pores and chokes them, resulting in the formation of acne. A good face wash for this type of skin would be an oil-based cleanser! Did that just shock you? Allow me to explain! Since you’ve oily skin, you would like to manage or control your oil on the face, right? And I am no Newton but if there’s one thing we learned in our science classes is, Like dissolves like. So, Oil in your face wash would absorb oil on your skin without excessively drying your skin out.

If we opt for harsh ingredients as our facewash, our brain senses the absence of oil in a way that it signals the brain for more oil production and you end up getting an oil reserve on your face. Our recommendation is to go for ingredients like sunflower seed oil and even tea tree oil if you’ve acne on your skin. If you crave exfoliation, go for an oat-based cleanser that would provide light exfoliation. Aloe vera is also pretty darn good for oily skin!

Note: Tea tree oil has a reputation for irritating the skin, so do perform a patch test on your neck or wrist to see if you’re good to go with this ingredient.

Dry Skin

As opposed to oily skin, dry skin people have an extreme lack of sebum on their face and this is not as good as it sounds. Dry skin Is likely to age earlier than oily skin. Since the skin is dry and patchy at various spots, it can get quite uncomfortable and even painful if the weather gets severe such as harsh winters are especially hard for dry skin people.

Therefore, it is important to find a decent face wash for dry skin that provides relief to the skin and hydrates it so there are no dry patches on the skin. The best organic ingredients for dry skin type are rice and vitamin E. Rice is full of enzymes that help to cleanse your skin thoroughly while brightening it up simultaneously but this is not the best part of this ingredient.

The best part about this is the fact that this doesn’t dehydrate your skin and allows the moisture to remain in the skin, thus making it a lifesaver for dry skin. Vitamin E also helps with the hydration of the skin so it is a perfect fit for all those who struggle with dryness on the face.

Combination Skin

Combination skin people get the best and worse end of both spectrums. This skin type has a lot on their plate, or should I say their skin? There’s oil, there’s acne. There’s dryness, there are dry patches, and whatnot. This skin type should use ingredients that's compatible with both skin types so either condition is not aggravated. The best ingredients for this skin type are Vitamin E, Mild concentration witch hazel, Aloe vera, and Vitamin B. These ingredients are known to provide excellent results. And there’s only one way to test this theory, it’s by literally testing it out!

Sensitive Skin

Here's what you need to know to get your hands on the best face wash in Pakistan, or if you’re from somewhere else, do look for these ingredients in your skincare products as per your skin type and see the transformation of your skin for yourself!

Sensitive skin is not a skin type per se, but many do consider it one. Sensitive skin is known to react to anything under the sun. The sensitivity is known by inflamed skin that turns red, gets bumpy, or the presence of rashes or acne outbursts is seen in case of the unsuitability of any product. Vitamin E is known to soothe the inflammation of sensitive skin so do look out for it in your face wash. Turmeric is also a great contender in this category!

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