How to get rid of acne scars

How To Get Rid Of Acne Scars According To Experts?

Acne is one thing but the reminder of acne, the living proof of its existence is altogether a different level of pain. As if the victims of acne didn’t go through enough battling the spread of pimples, pustules, whiteheads, and blackheads, they continue to suffer when acne scar remains. Though scars are not life hindering to the point of medical intervention, scars do tend to shake a person’s confidence and make them question their self-image. Broadly speaking, a vast majority of cultures and societies consider clear skin ‘beautiful’. Scars are the body’s part of the healing process. When anything happens to the surface of the skin, the collagen turnover at that point allows the specific part of the skin to heal, however, scar tissue has a different feel and texture. This difference is clearly visible and the most common and classic kind of scaring in the majority of people is acne scarring therefore they often wonder ‘how to treat acne scars’ and seek the best treatment for acne scars.

With the advancement in science and multiple new treatment options available in the market, it has become somewhat easier to treat scars. But it is important to remember that complete acne scar removal is often not possible because the tissue is deeply damaged but several treatments do fade out the scars so they’re not as visible. This is a time taking process and consistency is what generates results! As per experts, the best treatment for acne scars is;
a) Collagen treatment.

b) Platelet- rich plasma.

c) Alpha Hydroxy acids.

d) Laser.

Everything You Need To Know!

It is important to note that fresher scars are easier to treat than the old, mature scars since these tissues are new and are not as stubborn as the fresher ones! Moreover, age is also an important factor. If you’re young (teenage) then your cell turnover rate would be pretty good and it is likely that you’ll get much better results and much sooner as well! But if you’re aged and have mature skin, this will make the process somewhat slow and the results may not be most ideal vis a vis acne scars. So, it is best to start skincare when you’re young.

Collagen Treatment

Collagen, as per the Oxford dictionary, verbatim “the main structural protein found in skin and other connective tissues, widely used in purified form for cosmetic surgical treatments.” Since it is a structural protein, collagen is considered the most important when we want to get rid of acne scars since these tissues are important to dull out the appearance or fade the scars completely. Several therapies tend to increase the collagen rate in the skin. One of the most common therapies of this kind is red light therapy and it is a famous, and sworn-by treatment option by many celebrities. Several other methods of introduction of collagen in the skin are by the means of syring, serums, or masks. However, before venturing down the path of collagen life, it is a good idea to consult your dermatologist or skincare aesthetician to know completely what you’re stepping into and how’s this going to work for you! Collagen turnover can also be increased by taking collagen-rich diet so you don’t have to go under extensive procedures. But with diet, the results may not be as quick and convincing since this is an excruciatingly slow process but one that is often recommended.


Derived from the natural sugars, these acids work like a charm to peel off any damaged upper layer of the skin and reveal fresh skin. When the upper surface is desquamated, they help to fade out the scars. There are several kinds of alpha hydroxy acids derived from different sources. Few of them are extremely potent and it is important to use them with utmost caution as they can burn out your skin completely as well. Some of the most common alpha-hydroxy acids are written below;

1) Citric acid (found in citrus fruits)

2) Glycolic acid (found in sugar cane)

3) Lactic acid (found in sour milk and tomato juice)

4) Malic acid (found in apples)

5) Tartaric acid (found in grapes)

6) Mandelic acid (found in bitter almonds)

MandelAC Serum (20% mandelic acid)

The perfect peeling solution for your acne marks! Since it is drying, and we don’t like to deprive dry skin people of these top-notch ingredients, we came up with something they can use as well. MandelAC cream (10% Mandelic acid) is a rich blend of emollients that deeply nourish your skin but provide effective relief from the scars that just don’t want to leave your skin!

Platelet-Rich plasma

This treatment is all the rave these days and it does seem to work, however, this does require quite a few sessions to get the full benefit from and they’re quite pricy so this option seems almost exclusive. The main modus operandi of this treatment is that plasma is extracted from the body parts and re-injected in the body where it is needed the most. This rich plasma works to improve cell turnover rate and tadaa, acne scars begin to fade away!


One of the most common therapies when it comes to acne scars is laser. A piece of special equipment is used to treat your scars. This machine operates via special wavelengths of light that have the ability to somewhat transform your skin. A laser also requires frequent sessions and is quite heavy on the pocket!

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