5 ways to effectively get rid of acne scars.

5 Ways To Effectively Get Rid Of Acne Scars

When grinch said, and I quote, “Hate, hate, hate, double hate, ENTIRELY LOATHE”, He was talking about acne and acne scars. A memorandum of acne is worse than the actual acne which actually goes away in a few days but scars, they stay on for life since they’re THAT stubborn. Scars have generally a bad reputation in the cosmeceutical world because, in many parts around the world, they’re not considered beautiful so it is no surprise that one of the most searched questions regarding acne on the web is, “How to remove acne scars naturally” or “acne scars treatment”.

As the pandemic of 2020 hit us, it didn’t only come with medical issues, it also came to disrupt how we naturally live our lives. Small businesses were forced to shut down, many people got laid off from work and things just went haywire from that point onwards. Skincare is absolutely necessary for healthy-looking skin but it is something that does cost you a whole lot of bucks. For this reason, people seek the solution from something that is easily available in the pantry so they can have effective home remedies for acne scars.

Natural ingredients that are easily available in the pantry are often effective but in some cases, they’re not really suitable for the skin and they end up leaving the skin irritated. For this reason, it is important to go for a patch test to find something that suits your skin and works effectively. We’ll also give you some super effective, dermatologically approved, tried and tested product solutions that are easy to use and are super affordable so you don’t have to worry about meeting the expenses. So, if you’re wondering how to get rid of acne scars at home? Here are our suggested home remedies for acne scars!

The tried and tested solutions!

In case you’re new to this world of terminologies and are wondering what on God’s dear earth are acne scars, they’re part of the healing process of acne. Collagen buildup helps to get rid of the damaged skin where there was once acne, but this buildup appears different in color, texture, and shape and is termed as an acne scar. There are many types of acne scars and the treatment option varies from scar to scar. Some scars are smaller and not as dense, so they’re easier to treat whereas some scars are denser and mature, thus they take some time to fade out. If you’re embarking on the journey to fade out your acne scars, you’ll have to stay consistent and be prepared for the fact that results will be generated slowly since you won’t be treating them with extensive products or therapies.  

1) Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is known for its soothing and healing properties. If you wish to remove acne scars naturally, Aloe vera is your skin’s best friend. It is one of the most commonly used ingredients in the beauty and skincare world and it is so, so effective. The best part about aloe vera is that it can often be found in homes since it is one of the easiest plants to grow and maintain and doesn’t require a lot of effort to keep. It is also quite pocket-friendly. So yes, get your hands on the aloe vera plant, and peel of the green top layer to reveal gel-like structure inside. Give it a thorough blend and apply the juice on your scars twice a day for best results. You can blend up an entire leaf once and keep it in the refrigerator in an air-tight jar for up to one week. This simple yet mind-blowingly effective tip is something the majority swears by, so go get your plant now and start treating your scars today.

2) Turmeric

Are you a desi if you don’t have a huge jar of turmeric in your pantry? Growing up in South Asia, we’ve often heard our elders talking about the range of benefits this mustard yellow powder offers. One of them is the healing properties of turmeric. It is best to consume or apply topically to get the best results. Turmeric is often used to brighten up the entire skin and by doing so, it evens out the skin complexion the appearance of scars becomes less noticeable.

Turmeric is supposed to be used on the skin in the form of a mask but with this powerful ingredient, it is important to remember that a little goes a long way. You don’t need heap tablespoons of this in your mask unless you want to resemble a minion since turmeric can stain you yellow if used excessively! Use only a quarter teaspoon for one mask and apply it on alternate days in a week to get rid of acne scars.

3) Mandelic Acid

Mandelic Acid is an AHA and AHAs generally are known for their amazing exfoliating effects. The basic mechanism of action of mandelic acid is that it works by the desquamation of skin so the upper layer of the skin is peeled off, revealing fresher younger-looking skin. When the old, damaged skin is removed, the appearance of scars is dulled out and they begin to fade over time.

Now I know it isn’t readily available in your pantry but Jenpharm launched an entire range of MandelAC products that’re anti-acne and acne scars and these products are available throughout the country in your closest pharmacies and even on the website. MandelAC range offers a face wash, serum, and cream to cover a diverse group of skin types and skin needs. Use as recommended and see your skin transform thanks to the fading acne scars as a result of MandelAC range!

4) Good Lifestyle

Did you ever go to a dermatologist and they asked you to maintain a good, healthy lifestyle as the key to get flawless skin that is clear of any acne and acne scars? Well, it is true. Acne and acne scars can be controlled and faded with a good diet that consists of collagen-rich food so collagen or new cell turnover is increased in the body, which helps the body battle the acne scars. Drinking a whole lot of water also gives a fresh appearance to the skin and makes it healthier which is easier to treat. This is something that doesn’t give immediate results in terms of acne scars but when we maintain this routine consistently and maintain the recommended lifestyle, at some point, we do begin to see the best results.

5) Neem Leaves or Azadirachta indica

One of the most commonly used ingredients in desi household is the Neem remedy for acne and acne scars. This plant is detoxifying and healing in nature. It also brightens up the complexion and is generally considered great for the skin. Neem paste can be applied topically or it can be ingested as well for good results.

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