Ance treatment tips for teens

Acne Treatment Tips For Teens

New beginnings are often associated with teenagers. It’s an era of new experiences, new adventures, and a time of transformation for your body as well! All of us undergo puberty in our teens where we get molded into what we’re now. This holds true for both, our mental growth and our physical growth. Therefore teen years are often considered the most crucial and time-changing period of a person’s life. However, teen years do come with their fair share of baggage and one of them is ‘acne’.

People often experience the worst outbreak of acne in their teens and therefore, seek some acne treatment to get rid of blackheads, whiteheads, pimples, pustules, and nodules. Acne can be painful to touch in case it is a pustule of nodule but even if acne is not painful, it sometimes needs medical intervention because acne can shake a person’s self-confidence. In teenagers, especially, acne happens due to hormonal imbalance that the body goes through during this period and this can take a toll on their mental health as well.

But life is not all grim and bad, there are many acne treatments and even many acne scar treatments available in the market as well. Now we’re well prepared to tackle any acne associated issue within no time but the one problem we face is the lack of knowledge about the best treatment for acne and how to proceed with it. We often go for the word-of-mouth treatments that we hear from our relatives and friends but what we fail to understand is the fact that every skin is unique. What works for millions may not work for you and vise versa. But fret not, we’re here for you to help you guide better about your skin type and what treatments are likely to work for you.

Its time to bid farewell to acne!

With that being said, acne is a diverse disease and there are many factors that are involved in it that can cause an outbreak. It could be hormonal, due to the environment, due to some infection, or literally, anything under the sun could be a reason for your acne. For this reason, it is best to visit your dermatologist to get a proper medical consultation in case you need something stronger for your acne treatment.


Skin type is the characteristics of your skin. A person’s skin falls into either of these below-mentioned categories;

1) Oily Skin

2) Dry Skin

3) Combination Skin (Oily to combination/ Dry to combination)

A skin type is essentially the behavior of your skin. It can be oily or greasy in appearance or dry on touch. Or it can be both. What many people fail to understand is that your skin type may change over the years due to environmental exposure or many other factors. Regardless, it is important to manage skincare as per your current skin type.


Having a dermatologist and maintaining a skincare routine is pricy and for that reason, many of us seek treatment at home. Certain ingredients like mud clay masks etc are exfoliating and detoxifying. Since these clay masks tend to suck out all the sebum, they reduce acne as well. But it is important to remember that these are not acne treatments. It might work for some time but in case you don’t treat the basic core issue, it is going to come back stronger than ever! Therefore, it may seem like a hefty investment to visit your dermatologist and get expensive products but here are two things!

a) Investing in your dermatologist visit is worth it!
b) You don’t have to use products worth many bucks, there are excellent affordable options!


Ever saw a perfect product with its perfect packaging and impressive list of ingredients and one look at its price and BOOM! That’s your monthly salary written on a product. Heartbreaking, isn’t it? Well, we at Jenpharm, understand your pain and we come bearing a nice solution for you! Got teenage acne that is not letting you sleep? Our Anti-acne bundle is just ideal for you!


Two things that are magic to treat acne are AHAs and BHAs. With their impressive ability to suck out the grime and letting a fresher, younger, and flawless skin prevail, they’re what you need in your skincare closet, Period! Jenpharm’s Anti-acne bundle is specially curated to help those who seek to treat their acne with AHAs. MandelAC range is based on a simple, mild yet effective AHA; mandelic acid which is derived from the bitter almonds. Mandelic acid, due to its gentle nature is very well tolerated AHA, hence it is perfect for teen skin that can not bear anything harsh.

MandelAC serum and MandelAC face wash, consisting of 20% and 3% mandelic acid respectively, causes the desquamation of skin so all the bacteria and dirt is shed off the skin and fresh, baby-like skin is revealed. It is important to use the serum in such a way to build its tolerance first and then make a routine! You can start by using it for one to two hours on alternate days and then gradually build as your skin gets accustomed to it! This is suitable for oily/combination skin!

Since Mandelic acid is drying by its nature, we also came up with a solution for dry skin people who seek acne treatment cream. MandelAC cream is an emollient which is also exfoliating! Curious? Try our hot selling cream to see for yourself how this magic works!

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