The Ultimate skincare routine for men


Stereotypically, females are known to be more into their skincare than males, and a big part of the world’s skincare and makeup industry is centered on females. I.e, a good chunk of products available are feminine in nature as in, their aesthetics, and their target audience is females. Often, there are many jokes circulating around the social media that men use a single product from head to toe and that’s it, whereas women use two kinds of products just for their under-eye area.

One reason why males are not much into skincare is due to social and cultural stigma when it comes to skincare, which is baseless. Your skin is a gift and it should be cherished and taken care of. Skincare is a privilege for many but it shouldn’t be exclusive to females only. Men should have equal opportunities to get what they desire, from the shelves in the market. Luckily, brands are now coming up with skincare products that are unisex (meant for everyone), so skincare for men is easily available now. But the billion-dollar question is, what is the difference between female’s or men’s skincare? Truthfully speaking, there isn’t much of a difference. Generally, a woman’s skin is more sensitive and thinner than that of a man’s. Males tend to have coarse body/beard hair on their skin which makes the skin slightly rough but honestly, not much of a difference.  Skincare routine for men should include the basics; Cleanser, Moisturizer, and SPF. The rest can be built up depending on the skin’s concerns.


The most important thing to notice before divulging in the world of skincare is, knowing your skin type. Typically, there are three skin types; Oily, Dry, and combination. A combination of skin, as the name implies, is oily and dry both. Commonly, people have an oilier T zone and dry U zone but it can be reverse in some cases as well. Combination skin, however, tends to be generally oilier in summer and drier in the winter season.

Cleanse the dirt away!

The best skincare routine for men begins with a cleanser. A cleanser is meant to clean any dirt and grime away from your skin without stripping away the natural barrier of your facial skin. Your cleanser should be as per your skin type, so if your skin is dry, your cleanser should be hydrating and if your skin is oily, a cleanser should have oil control properties to help you. For combination skin, there are many cleansers but you can use a hydrating cleanser or oil control one depending upon the behavior of your skin. Jenpharm offers two types of cleansers to its customers and they’re both carefully formulated with the best quality ingredients to help your skin! MandelAC cleanser contains 3% mandelic acid, extracted from bitter almonds to help your skin with gentle desquamation, thereby providing the much-desired oil control and ultimately, acne and related skin issues as well. Maxdif Skin brightening facewash, on the other hand, containing niacinamide, glutathione, and vitamin C brighten up your face so it appears fresh and youthful!

Moisturize your skin!

Nobody likes drier-than-Sahara-skin, with cracks running as deep as the crevasse in mount Everest. Not only is it uncomfortable, but it is also sometimes even painful. But unfortunately, A good moisturizer is hard to come by since there are many properties that a good moisturizer should have, but primarily, a moisturizer should have the following characteristics:
1) It should be nourishing. Duh.

2) It should be lightweight so it doesn’t sit on the skin uncomfortably.

3) The ingredients should be top-notch because your skin truly deserves the best!

Jenpharm believes in serving the best skincare for men and women both, so we came up with a range of moisturizers for your skin to make it supple, glowing, plump, and hydrated without your moisturizer feeling tacky and uncomfortable on your skin. DermiVe moisturizers contain a hydration bomb AKA Hyaluronic acid + Ceramide to hydrate your skin to make it baby soft! The best part, however, is the fact that these moisturizers are super affordable and easily available. Looks like the genie finally granted our wishes, eh?!

Sunscreen is your best bud!

If you’re not using sunscreen, you, my friend, are making a huge mistake. A ‘skincare felony’ is what you’re committing. There may be many differences among dermatologists and skincare estheticians, but one thing that truly unites everyone like a marvel team of superheroes against a villain, is sunscreen. In this particular analogy, the team of Marvel heroes is a sunscreen and the enemy of your skin are the harmful UV rays. The basic function of sunscreen is to make sure that UV rays don’t penetrate the skin barrier and don’t cause any harm to your dermal layers. This, in turn, allows you to have clear skin without any pigmentation or sun spots and prevents the early signs of aging as well. Jenpharm’s Spectra sunblocks with the SPF of 40, 60, and 100 are specially curated to suit all skin types. What’s best about these is that no single product leaves a white cast so you won’t have to worry about looking like a pale vampire! Here are the details of the sunscreens!

1) Spectra Block SPF 60 PA+++ (For Dry to combination skin)

2) Spectra Matt SPF 40 PA+++ (For Oily Skin)

3) Spectra Block Max SPF 100 PA+++ (For oily to combination skin)

Something Extra For Your Skin!

What I wrote above was something that you ‘NEED’ in your skincare routine, just like that haircut and beard trim you get every 2 months. But there is more you can pamper your skin with! For instance, if you suffer from acne, you can resort to using AHAs, also known as Alpha Hydroxy Acids. AHAs are natural ingredients that tend to peel off your upper layer of the skin to reveal fresher, younger-looking skin! Even if your skin is too oily, you can resort to AHAs for sebum control but AHAs can be quite daunting due to their harsh nature! So it is best to start with something effective yet mild, no? But the question arises, where on this earth would we find something so perfect for our needs? Well, look no further!

Jenpharm’s MandelAC range covers offer you the best formulations in perfect concentrations so they don’t damage your skin but are effective enough to treat your skin’s issues. Even if you have got a beard, none of these ingredients would interfere with it so what are you waiting for? Just make sure to abide by the directions and you’ll be all set to go!

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