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7 Treatments You Should Know For Your Acne Scar Removal

If I ask people what is one thing they’d like to change or get rid of when it comes to their physical appearance and it doesn’t come as a surprise to me when they answer “scars”. One of the most common scars are acne scars that are a result of acne inflammation on the skin.

Depending on their nature, acne scars can be stubborn or they can be somewhat easy to remove if you’re lucky. Generally, a mature scar takes a while to heal, or in some cases, many scars do stay on for life but we get impatient and lose the will to treat it, because we want something quick for acne scar removal but if treated right and the treatment is done with patience, they do fade away with time!

Acne scars are of three types named, Rolling scars, Icepick scars, Boxcar scars. They vary in depth and appearance, hence some scars such as icepick scars are quite difficult to treat and they do require more consistent effort and even higher concentration of whatever active ingredient you’re using to fade away. However big the problem may be, it still has a solution and there are many remedies for acne scars so you shouldn’t worry about it. It isn’t a totally lost cause just yet.

It is convenient to go for acne scar treatments at home but
sometimes a good remedy for acne scar removal may be outside the comfort of your home so this is something you might have to do for your skin, depending on the nature of your scars, of course.


We’re here to help you therefore we’ve some of the tried and tested solutions JUST FOR YOU!

1) Skin Brightening/ Lightening agents.

2) Alpha Hydroxy Acids.

3) Turmeric.

4) Aloe Vera.

5) Laser.

6) PRP.

7) Beta Hydroxy Acids.

Skin Brightening Agents

Many naturally derived ingredients exhibit excellent skin lightening properties without damaging the skin! These ingredients work on the topical level and work to decrease melanin in the skin, thereby exhibiting skin lightening properties. Ingredients like kojic acid, arbutin, licorice, Vitamin C, niacinamide, etc are depigmenting agents, therefore they’re used for the removal of scars. Jenpharm has come to the rescue since who wouldn’t like their skin to be even-toned and scar-free? Maxdif Skin Brightening Cream with Kojic Acid, Niacinamide, Alpha arbutin, Emblica extract, and vitamin C are all excellent for the skin brightening properties. A little goes a long, long way so this product is extremely pocket-friendly as well!

Alpha Hydroxy Acids

Alpha hydroxy acids are the naturally derived class of compounds that allow the desquamation of the skin when applied topically, thereby removing the top layer of the skin and revealing fresher, baby-like skin from underneath when the dead cell debris is removed from the top. Many ingredients come under this category and they differ on their source of origin and the intensity with which they work. For example, glycolic acid is extremely potent and works intensely whereas MandelAC acid is on the milder end of the spectrum. The basic mechanism of action is the same but an intense ingredient is likely to irritate your skin more.

Jenpharm’s MandelAC range consisting of MandelAC facewash with 3% mandelic acid, MandelAC cream with 10% Mandelic acid (ideal for dry skin people), and MandelAC serum with a whopping 20% concentration is extremely ideal for oily skin since it doesn’t irritate the skin! The desquamation resulting from this range is what you need to treat your stubborn acne scars!

Side Note: Since these are exfoliating agents and do make the skin somewhat sensitive, it is always suggested to use a good sunscreen to prevent the harsh effects of the sun on your skin and a good moisturizer to combat the dryness associated with these products. Jenpharm’s spectra sunblocks and dermiVe range of moisturizers is an excellent, excellent choice since all the ingredients are compatible with this routine!


If you’re from a desi household, chances are, you have got a cabinet in your kitchen pantry dedicated to spices only, and in it, there is a jar of turmeric somewhere nearby since turmeric is an absolute essential in South Asian cuisine. But turmeric is not used only when it comes to food, it is also used for beauty purposes. Turmeric powder is known for its skin brightening properties and imparts a lovely glow to the skin! In the process of adding glow to the skin, it also lightens the appearance of the scars. Therefore, turmeric masks are recommended for topical use. Commonly, it is used in a gram flour mask that can either be made with rose water or yogurt, depending on your skin type!

Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is one of the most commonly grown and used plants across the world and rightfully so since it checks all the good boxes. Affordable? Check. Easy to grow? Check. Easy to maintain? Check. Offers abundant uses? CHECK, CHECK AND CHECK. Aloe vera has been in use for ages to remove tan and scars from the skin, making it much brighter and shinier in appearance. Aloe vera can be used topically and can be ingested as well so it does classify as an “all-rounder” ingredient.  

Laser and PRP

On the somewhat ‘modern’ end of treatment options, we have got laser and PRP therapy. These treatments work at the cellular level to generate results. Laser use light therapy of different wave lengths to decrease the appearance of scars whereas, in PRP, plasma is extracted from multiple places and re-Injected at the site to increase the cell turnover rate which helps with the fading out of scars. This treatment option is super effective since high-end technology is used with a higher concentration of active ingredients which generate results but with its multiple sessions, it is not affordable by any means and it is also not available everywhere.

Beta Hydroxy Acids

BHAs are a class of compounds that are famous in the acne world since salicylic acid is termed as a magical product to help with acne and acne scars. Salicylic acid is known to exfoliate the skin, tighten the open pores, and is anti-inflammatory in nature, therefore it is a very decent option to treat acne scars.

So which method did you like the best? We hope you find something that works for you like a charm when it comes to acne scars! Have a very happy skincare!