3 magical cleansers that’ll transform your skin.


If you’re a fan of skincare, chances are you already know what cleansers are and how important they’re. In case you don’t know what we’re talking about, don’t worry! We’re here to help you out! Cleansers, as the name implies are used for cleaning your skin thoroughly. In case you’re wondering if the beauty soaps and cleansers are same since they’re both designed for the same purpose then No! They’re not same since cleansers are meant to be gentle on your skin.

A good cleanser should thoroughly cleanse your skin but it shouldn’t strip your skin off it’s essential oils. In simpler words, it shouldn’t give your skin a feeling of squeaky clean skin that doesn’t have any moisture. A skin that feels tight to stretch is not ideal and more likely to age earlier than usual. So your magical skin care should have a magical cleanser that cleanses it thoroughly and washes away all the dirt and grime and provides your skin with some powerful, a nutrients packed formula which nourishes your skin deeply. However, we are not going to lie that this kind of wonderful formulation, which is also not too heavy on the pocket is hard to come by.

We don’t claim to be your knight in the shining armor but we can save the day for you this time, for we have three magical cleanser recommendations for you that’ll answer all your questions, and will guarantee a great skincare routine for you that’ll leave your skin baby soft!


Selection of cleansers should be based on the following criteria,

1) Your skin type

2) Your skin concerns

3) Active ingredients in the cleanser

4) Texture of the cleanser

5) Price of the cleanser.

What does my oily, acne prone skin needs?

If your skin is oily or combination skin erring on the side of oily, you need something that’ll control the sebum on your face in such a way that it doesn’t strip your skin but gently takes away excess sebum. Excessive oil on skin is one reason why you might be getting acne since oil clogs the pores and causes acne formation. Moreover, the bacteria and grime on your face may be another reason why you might be getting acne.

Theoretically speaking, if we control the oil and the presence of bacteria on the skin, we’ll be able to solve all the issues we’re dealing with. One magical ingredient that works like a charm is a alpha hydroxy acid which by it’s nature is a chemical exfoliant and thus removes the excessive sebum from the skin. And since they’re acids, they’ve a very low pH which doesn’t allow the bacteria to thrive on the surface of the skin. But Alpha hydroxy acids tend to be harsh on the skin to the point of burning and excessive dryness.

Jenpharm’s MandelAC face wash is one gentle cleanser consisting of 3% mandelic acid which is a very, very gentle alpha hydroxy acid and therefore it is suitable for every skin. Moreover, it contains vitamin E to nourish the skin whilst cleansing it simultaneously. The best part? It is very, very affordable so everyone can use it and get all it’s benefits! So say good bye to acne and oily skin with this cleanser, you won’t be able to stop using it once you start, it’s that good!

What does my dull skin needs?

Everyday wear and tear shows up on skin and it makes your skin appear dull and lifeless. Exposure to sun, the artificial lights, environment, diet and our mental state effect our skin and they tend to make it dull. It is important to maintain a skincare routine that’ll give life to your skin so it appears healthy. If you don’t have any other skin concerns but have an uneven skin tone and generally the skin that doesn’t look the best, we’ve a cleanser with amazing ingredients just for you.

Jenpharm’s Maxdif skin brightening cleanser is an amazing product for you because it contains all the skin brightening agents such as Glutathione, niacinamide, Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate, Chamomile extract and Licorice Root extract. These ingredients impart a lovely glow to the skin and make it appear nice and fresh! This cleanser aims to make your skin even toned. Moreover, it removes the effects of everyday wear and tear so it is perfect for you if you’re in school or office!

What works as a cleanser that is already available in my home?

If you want something that is easily available at home and works well as a cleanser, you can easily use an oil as a cleanser! Oil has a great formula which can break down the dirt, grime and even the makeup on your skin. Oil doesn’t lather and it is a little difficult to take off, however, it is recommended for the double cleanse which is a popular Korean skincare regime in which the skin is washed twice to ensure maximum cleansing.

Almond oil, olive oil, jojoba oil, coconut oil, Shea butter are all amazing for this purpose. Just take a little amount in the palm of your hand and warm it between your fingers, after that, apply it on your face and massage lightly. Soon you’ll notice the product breakdown on your face and it is your cue to wash it up. Follow with your regular face wash if you wish to clean your skin even more.

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