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Dermive Oil Free
Infused with ceramides and hyaluronic acid, Dermive Oil free is the #1 best selling moisturizer in Pakistan.   Calms and soothes skin.  Provides hydration without feeling sticky.  Light weight.  Protects skin against UV rays.  Makes skin plump.  Suitable For:  Normal, Oily...
Rs. 998
Dermive Oily
This rich blend of H.A, ceramides and fatty oil bases is a holy grail for all dry skin conditions (psoriasis, eczema, dry patches).  Deeply hydrates the skin.  Provide relief to cracked, itchy skin.  Prevents transepidermal water loss.  Soothes skin.  Makes...
Rs. 998
Dermive Urea
Formulated with 10% urea and Vitamin E, this moisturizer hydrates the skin to its core!  Treats Eczema, Corns, Callus & Psoriasis Heals Cracked Heels by 98% Relieves Itching & Soothes Skin Suitable For:  Normal, Dry & Sensitive Skin Type  When...
Rs. 998
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