Oil Control

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MandelAC Facewash
Clear skin awaits you with Pakistan’s most selling anti-acne face wash containing 3% Mandelic acid.   99% agreed their Dark Spots were completely gone 96% agreed their Post Acne Marks were reduced 95% agreed Skin Tone and Texture was more Even...
Rs. 998
MandelAC Serum
Our bestselling MandelAC serum containing 20% Mandelic Acid is a perfect everyday exfoliant for acne prone skin.  94% saw even skin tone and texture with no scarring. 94% saw reduced post-breakout dark spots. 94% saw reduced hyperpigmentation. Clinically proven to...
Rs. 1,398
MandelAC Cream
Never heard about exfoliating creams that can also be hydrating? With 10% Mandelic acid and emollients, MandelAC cream is the perfect fit for dry, acne prone skin!  98% agreed their Dark Spots were Reduced 94% agreed their Post Acne Marks...
Rs. 1,298
Spectra Matt SC SPF 40
Combat shine and protect your skin with our targeted acne-friendly, broad spectrum Spectra Matt spf 40.  Contains SPF 40 Contains sebomicropores for oil control. No white cast. Ideal for Oily and Acne Prone Skin Prevents Premature Aging Suitable for Face...
Rs. 1,998
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