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What is worse than acne? A memoir of acne on your skin. The proof that it existed once is equally as disheartening as the time when it was present on your skin. Acne, a fellow of Satan manifests itself in the form of a blackhead, white head, pustules, pimples, or nodules. These are essentially the same things as in, they’re formed when a hair follicle is blocked by sebum, or in simpler words, oil on your skin. Throw into that mix some bacteria that live on your skin, and there you have some acne! 

So what is the solution for this? How to get rid of acne scars? Let us find out today. After extensive research on this topic, we know two things! A) There are several kinds of scars because there are several reasons for scar formation on your skin. B) You can’t get rid of the scars permanently if they’re too deep! But you can make them appear lighter in color so they’re less noticeable. Either way, you need to invest in the best acne scar treatment for yourself. And when I say investing, I am not only talking about money! I am talking about time, energy and of course money as well. So let’s make this investment-worthy by few phenomenal products to get rid of acne scars. 

But before we share our top-secret with you, let us go over some ground rules of skincare that we must follow! 

1) Never, and by never, I mean not even once, pop your pimple! It may seem satisfying and even somewhat ASMR-ish to do so, but you shouldn’t because it damages your tissue. 

2) Every skin type is different, so use products that are suitable for your skin type. Don’t buy a product without some research… Your skin demands this much from you! 

3) Always perform a patch test on your skin on some area that is not visible, such as your neck or wrist. 

4) Stay consistent with your routine. Your products may be magical in terms that they work but no product provides everlasting results in one use. 


Scar Formation and Types

We all know what acne is at this point, but what exactly is a scar? And what exactly are the types of scars? Scars are the marks left on the skin after a wound, or an injury has healed. Or in this case, after the acne has healed. Few types of acne scars are;

1) Boxcar; U-shaped, sharp-edged, shallow, or deep.
2) Ice picks; V-shaped, round, deep.
3) Rolling; Wide depressions in the skin, deep.

The treatment option for acne scars is either using some acne scar treatment products on your skin or getting some procedures done.

Physical Product Options

Bellow mentioned options showcase the ingredients that are used for the treatment of acne at home. These can be OTC products or these can be recommended by your dermatologist.

1) Alpha Hydroxy Acids.
2) Beta Hydroxy Acids.
3) Retinoids
4) Skin Lightening Agents.
5) Steroids.

Alpha Hydroxy Acids

Alpha hydroxy acids are derived from natural substances are chemical exfoliants and are used quite commonly in the skincare and cosmetic industry due to their results. A chemical exfoliant or a chemical peel, as the name implies, is used for the desquamation of the skin’s top layer which becomes dead and dull due to everyday wear and tear. This results in fresher, younger-looking skin. AHAs requires caution since they can be quite harsh on the skin if used improperly.

Anti Acne Range

Jenpharm offers the best products for acne scars in their anti-acne range. Based on Mandelic Acid, which comes from bitter almonds, this range has an array of products for your acne and acne scar treatment. The best thing about mandelic acid is the fact that it is extremely well tolerated by the majority of people since it is a super gentle AHA.

Jenpharm’s MandelAC serum is a bottle of elixir that contains 20% Mandelic acid and is an ideal product for oily/combination skin. For dry skin, it is always recommended to mix this serum in a nice oil-free moisturizer.

MandelAC cream is a specially formulated product for dry skin people. With only 10% mandelic acid and glycerin, this product is exfoliating yet hydrating for your skin. Pair this with MandelAC facewash containing only 3% mandelic acid, for the most effective results. MandelAC face wash is non-greasy, non-foaming face wash to ensure your skin isn’t overly dried out.

Bonus Tips

Squeaky clean facewashes tend to suck out all the essential oils from the skin so that’s one thing you should stay away from even though they might seem desirable!

Using sunscreen daily minimizes the damage on your skin and is extremely essential. Especially with AHAs, you should use sunscreen daily as AHAs are a little harsh on your skin. Jenpharm offers a variety of Spectra sunscreens SPF 40, 60, and 100 to suit every skin type!

Beta Hydroxy Acids

BHAs are oil-soluble as opposed to AHAs and can go deeper in the skin to dry out excess sebum. Salicylic acid is the most commonly used BHA and can be found in face washes, toners, serums, or creams. Since BHAs are also drying, it is important to moisturize your skin throughout.


Retinoids are the vitamers of vitamin A and are effective for the treatment of acne. They are easily available OTC but sometimes, to get a higher concentration, you need to get a dermatologist’s prescription since they are not meant for casual use.

Skin Lightening agents

Skin lightening agents can be natural or synthetic and they work to treat the issue of hyperpigmentation and scarring. Since scars cause excessive pigmentation, some ingredients like Kojic acid, licorice extract, vitamin C, Alpha Arbutin, etc are the most effective natural skin lightening agents. Jenpharm’s Maxdif Skin Brightening cream, containing a blend of these products works like a charm against scars and provides a
luminous glow to your skin.


The use of steroids in skincare is not recommended due to the adverse effects associated with it. We don’t recommend using steroids at all in your skincare.


With the advancement in science, many procedures for the treatment of acne scars are now offered. The most common ones, are;

1. Dermabrasion
2. PRP
3. Microneedling
4. Laser
5. Chemical Peels

These procedures use high-strength products and multiple types of machinery to work on scar lightening. Many of these are reported to be effective but they’re time- consuming and heavy on the pocket since they require multiple sessions and extreme skincare during the procedure.

Now that we’ve shared the best tips with you from the scroll of knowledge, it’s time for you to test these out and you’ll see how your skin will love you and thank you for your efforts to save it! Enjoy a happy, acne and scar-free skin!