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Dermatologist Approved Skincare Brands We Love!

Skincare is a risky business because there are multiple factors involved when it comes to the largest organ of your body! That’s right! Your skin works mysteriously and it may be able to tolerate even the harshest ingredients well, but it could be allergic to something that’s considered mild in nature.  Every skin is a unique masterpiece and it deserves the best care it can get! And who knows more about the skin and its behavior more than a skin doctor; a dermatologist?

There is always some degree of comfort from the words of the professional since they know what they’re talking about! A good dermatologist looks deep into the behavior of your skin and formulates the best care plan for your skin. In this world where millions of products are rolling out into the market, one gets confused while deciding because the claims on the products can be misleading or simply something your skin doesn’t need.

Therefore we pledged to make a list of dermatologist recommended brands just for you! These brands are dermatologist tested and approved since they use top-notch ingredients and deliver what they claim. All the products discussed below are hand-picked by a reputed dermatologist Dr. Kumail Haroon and he gave us great insights about what brands to opt for and what to stay 10 feet away from.


Q1: Please tell us a bit about skin types and Skin - care basics?

Dr. Kumail: Generally there are three classes of skin types. Oily, Dry, and combination or normal. A person is born with their skin type but the environment likely affects it to some degree and your skin type may change altogether at some point in your life. It is important to treat your skin as per its type and concerns or else you might damage it further if you’re reckless with skincare. It is always a good idea to go for dermatologist skincare brands because they work their knowledge in their products. As for the skincare basics, I’d say the best gem I’ve to offer you is don’t overdo it. Have a simple essential skincare routine that you can stay consistent with.

Q2: Speaking about a simple skincare routine, what do we need to start with?

Dr. Kumail: Start off by washing your face clean with a gentle cleanser. A cleanser should clean your skin but it shouldn’t damage your skin. Generally, the feeling of squeaky clean skin is enticing to people and even desired by many but it is damaging since it makes your skin vulnerable!

I recommend using  Jenpharm’s MandelAC Face wash, containing only 3% mandelic acid, this face wash removes any debris from the face without affecting the natural barrier of the skin. Keeping in view the principles of dermatology, this skincare brand finds just the right balance of ingredients to make an ideal cleanser.

Q3. After cleansing, is it important to Moisturize for everyone? Or can the oily skin people skip it?

Dr. Kumail: Ah, Excellent question! Moisturization is as essential as drinking water. Your body is made of 60% water but you can’t skip it, right? It is essential that you treat your skin the same way. Oily skin doesn’t mean hydrated skin. A good moisturizer has humectants that allow your skin barrier to retain moisture so it looks plump. I have got a golden recommendation for you in this regard, what if I tell you a great dupe of ceraVe that is oh-so-affordable and OH-SO-GOOD?

Try Jenpharm’s DermiVe moisturizers that come in three variants, so they do cover all the skin types. Hyaluronic acid and ceramide are your dehydrated skin best friend and this moisturizer has these so I highly recommend you to try it.

Q4. What should a simple regime include besides a moisturizer and cleanser?

Dr. Kumail: In a simple regime, I would suggest using sunscreen next if it’s the AM routine you’re following or if it is the PM routine, you can use something that treats your skin concerns.

Q5. Talking about sunscreen, why are they so important?

Dr. Kumail: Sunscreen is something that can’t be skipped. If you skip your sunscreen, we consider it a skincare felony. As big as the sun is, it impacts our lives and skin equally! The UV rays from the sun cause our skin to age earlier and give us some pigmentation/ sunspots. Did you know that the sun is a leading cause of skin cancer around the globe?

Slather a generous amount of sunscreen on your face every day even if you’re not stepping outside and re-apply after 3 hours. If you’re looking for both physical and chemical sunscreens both, I recommend trying out Jenpharm’s Spectra sunblocks range. They use ingredients like microfine zinc oxide, microfine titanium dioxide, Avobenzone, octocrylene, etc which are excellent for the protection against the sun.

Q6. Why are serums now such a big part of skincare? What would you recommend?

Dr. Kumail: Serums have been around for so many years but if we’re talking about how people can’t seem to stop gushing about them, it is because serums, generally have a higher concentration of active ingredients and faster or direct delivery system, so the effect is noticeable! There are many serums that you can incorporate into your skincare routine (AM/PM).

Vitamin C serum by Poof is a really good serum for AM routine.

Alpha Arbutin serum by Ordinary is amazing if you want to get a brighter look. Don’t use it aggressively though.

MandelAC serum by Jenpharm is a great solution for your acne and acne scar treatment needs.

Revitalift by Loreal is a great retinol-based serum for anti-aging.

Q7. In Pakistan, white or fair skin is considered a beauty standard. What are your comments on it?

Dr. Kumail: Yes, this is unfortunately a wide notion that a milky white skin is beautiful and this stems deeply from the pre-partition era.
We can educate people that their skin color is absolutely mesmerizing and they shouldn’t change that. If you notice, dermatologist-approved skincare lines do not use hydroquinone or such bleaching agents which change the skin tone of a person. If you want to get a brighter look that is dewy and glowing, that is fine because our skin can get dull due to everyday wear and tear and ingredients like Vitamin C, Emblica extract, Licorice extract, etc are completely natural and provide just that!

A great recommendation is Maxdif Skin Brightening cream at night to brighten up your entire look, without it damaging your skin and skin color! Even tone C cream is also pretty good in this regard!

Q7. Thank you so much, Just one last question. Any closing skincare tips for our readers?

Dr. Kumail: You’re welcome! Yes, of course! Enjoy your skincare routine, don’t think of it as a burden. Your skin is your entire reflection! Don’t fret over things like acne but do treat them. Eat clean and healthy, take your supplements regularly because your skin feeds on the nutrition you provide it! Drink plenty of water to detoxify your system and do not, skip the essentials of skincare!

There you go! We talked about skincare issues in-depth and got some great recommendations from Dr. Kumail for you guys. We hope it was as informative for you as it was for us! As always, have a happy skincare!