Best Haircare Products That Actually Work In Pakistan


If there is one thing that’s common across the entire human race, regardless of any race or ethnicity, it’s their love for good hair. Confused? Allow me to elaborate. Every person, whichever their gender may be, wants their hair to be described as healthy, lustrous, and beautiful. And all for the right reasons! Good hair is the key to a person’s self-image! But not only that, good hair allows them to be comfortable in their skin. 

However, the concept of good hair is quite hard to achieve! Our hair tends to have unlimited problems that can exhaust a person. The award for most common hair problem that just makes you want to pull out more hair (pun intended) goes to, *drum rolls*….. Hair fall. Yes, this right here is what kills a person a little every time they find their precious hair strands everywhere else other than the scalp. But it doesn’t stop here, there are a multitude of problems related to hair. For instance, people suffer from dry, brittle hair. Oily scalp. Dandruff. Frizz. Thin hair, etc.

Suffice to say, a lot can go wrong as per our beauty standards when it comes to our hair. The question is why? Why must bad things like hair problems haunt us? And the answer is, It shouldn’t. That’s why we’re here to share with you some high-quality hair products that’ll save your life........ Or in other words, your hair! We’ve just the right hair treatment product recommendations for you but it is important to understand how your hair cycle works and most importantly, it is important to understand that consistency is the key to achieving good results! You can’t expect things to work out for you in just a single-use.

Say Good-Bye To Your Hair Woes

Fun fact: It is completely normal to shed 50-100 hair per day! (Yes, I am sorry it wasn’t much of a ‘fun fact’) but it’s normal to have some hair fall every day since the hair regrows to replace the hair we shed. The problem arises when the hair doesn’t regrow quickly so we’re left with lesser hair and minimal volume. Some top hair care brands have come up with a range of products that claim to be your hair savior. 

The Lifecycle Of Hair

The lifecycle of hair is divided into 4 phases. Each phase has its timeline which can be affected due to multiple factors such as diet, environment, climate, or even genetics. The best hair care brands now target these phases of hair growth for an effective result. The first phase of hair growth is the Anagen phase, also known as the growing phase. This is where your hair grows in length. The second phase is the catagen or transition phase. This is where the hair begins to thin out and they start to die from the ends. The third phase is the Telogen phase or resting phase. Your hair doesn’t grow during this period but they don’t fall either. The last phase is the exogen phase or shedding out phase. During this, all your dead hair sheds off. 

Anagrow Serum and Anagrow Shampoo

Jenpharm, an upcoming hair products brand,  offers a range of products to treat hair fall. Jenpharm’s Anagrow hair serum and Anagrow Shampoo is a powerful duo that tackles the issue of hair fall and makes your hair thicker, denser, and fuller in just three months! This may sound too good to be true but it actually is as good as it claims to be! 


Anagrow hair care range is based on ‘Anagain’ which is extracted from the organic pea sprout. This marvel of science stimulates the signal molecules that increase hair growth. It corresponds to a 78% increase in hair growth in just 3 months by working on the anagen: telogen coefficient which is the proportion of active hair follicles to the degenerating ones. In simpler words, anagain works effectively to prolong the anagen or hair growth period of hair and shortens the telogen or shedding period of hair. 

The Benefits Of Anagrow Duo

Anagrow serum can be used itself but for the most effective results, it is recommended to use these two together. Anagrow shampoo contains a blend of anagain, biotin, argan oil, and vitamin E to combat hair fall, strengthen and nourish dry, damaged hair. *Protip: Don’t over shampoo! Yes, this Is a thing! It is only recommended that you shampoo twice or thrice every week.* Meanwhile, use Anagrow serum daily for the most effective results. Just apply a few pumps as per your hair (volume and hair loss) and rub it on your scalp. 

Nutritional Aspect

As mentioned previously, diet is also an important factor in our hair health. If you fail to consume enough nutrients, it’ll show up on your hair. Your hair would appear weak and brittle because of a lack in your nutrition. The best way to tackle this is to ensure you eat a proper meal that has everything, carbohydrates, proteins, and healthy fats! In this day and age, it can get a little difficult to take such a well-balanced diet therefore it is always a good idea to incorporate a nice nutritional supplement to your diet to ensure you’re taking everything your body needs. Jenpharm’s Revivoderm contains everything your hair, nail, and skin needs. Take one tablet with any meal and see the magic of nutrients!


Other than hair fall, dandruff is one of the most common hair issues that people suffer with. Dandruff is essentially the dry skin of the scalp that flakes off. While dandruff has no serious medical repercussions, it does shake the confidence of a person quite badly and make them somewhat insecure about themselves. 

Sebornil Shampoo

Jenpharm has a one-step solution for this problem and that is ‘Sebornil Shampoo’. Having a powerful blend of Piroctone Olamine 0.8% with salicylic acid 2%, Sebornil works effectively to exfoliate flaky dandruff by breaking the bigger pieces of dandruff into smaller ones so they can easily be washed away from the scalp. Moreover, since it contains piroctone olamine which is an anti-mycotic, it acts against the microorganisms that are involved in the formation process of dandruff. Use this shampoo as directed and get the best results ever! 

Bonus Tips

Here are some other hair care tips for you so you can get luscious, beautiful, thick hair! 

1) Studies prove that oiling your hair causes the blood flow to increase in your scalp which results in healthier, shinier hair. 

2) It is always recommended to wash your hair with lukewarm or cold water. Hot water just strips your hair off its essential oils and damages it. 

3) There is nothing that looks better than heat-styled hair but you should definitely try to stay away from heat as much as possible because heat damages your hair like a plague. 

Getting beautifully long hair sure requires work however, it is not impossible. It is very easy to get discouraged seeing everyone having phenomenal hair but we want you to remember that your looks are not all there is to you, your looks are one aspect of you but they don’t define you! You are beautiful the way you’re! 

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