What Is Skin Brightening?

What Is Skin Brightening?

Owing to the British colonialism in South Asia, there has been a social stigma viz a viz darker skin tones therefore there is a huge market of face whitening creams and body whitening bleaches that work to change the skin color. These products use ingredients that are super harsh on the skin and make your skin fair for the moment but at a very heavy cost of damaging your skin. Therefore, one shouldn’t attempt to change their skin color but skin brightening is a beautiful and entirely different concept though many confuse it for the same.

Skin brightening essentially means making your dull skin brighter and fresher looking. Every day wear and tear shows up on the skin and makes it dehydrated and dull. Picture this: You’re someone who goes to the office daily 9 AM to 5 PM and face the sun every day, moreover the work stress shows on your skin, making it dull and uneven-toned. You spend a day at a beach on a beautiful sunny day or go shopping in a nice outdoor Bazar on a bright spring day and tadaa, your skin has tanned and there are several sunspots on your skin. You’ll like to have brighter and even-toned skin that doesn’t make you look like a zebra, isn’t that correct?


The good news is that all the recent advancements and research provided us with so many ingredients that provide the benefit of brightening, glowing, and dare I say, luminous skin that’ll make you shine like a chandelier…Well not really, but it’ll make you feel good about your skin. Let's get in-depth and details about those ingredients.

Vitamin C

Derived from many natural sources, vitamin C is laden with great anti-oxidant properties that won’t let you age but also retain the glow from your youth in your skin. Vitamin C is very famous for its exceptional skin brightening properties, hence it is used in many skin care products such as creams, serums, face wash, and masks.

Kojic Acid

Kojic acid is a synthetic ingredient and it is gaining popularity due to the amazing skin brightening effects that it provides. Kojic acid doesn’t permanently interfere with your skin tone which makes it safe to use but it limits the production of melanin which impart a color to the skin, so if you get some pigmentation on your skin and are worried about it, kojic acid is known to take that worry away from you!

Alpha Arbutin

Alpha arbutin comes from natural sources such as various berries and it is known for its skin brightening properties since it helps in the reduction of sunspots, pigmentation, and associated issues. Alpha arbutin targets these areas and makes the skin appear fresh and vibrant.

Licorice Extract

Licorice extract is a natural extract of a root and it is used especially to work on the pigmentation of the skin, especially when used in combination with Vitamin C, this extract works magically to remove the pigmentation of the skin. Licorice extract is also known for the soothing properties that it imparts on the skin and relieves itching if there is any.

Alpha Hydroxy Acids

AHA due to its desquamation effects is known to brighten up the entire look of the skin by taking away the dead, dull skin, thus revealing the fresher, beautiful, and younger skin underneath. Jenpharm’s MandelAC range can be used for skin brightening as it contains Mandelic Acid in different concentrations to help the skin.

Above mentioned ingredients are all that are used to make the skin vibrant and bright in appearance and if you’re seeking a good skincare product for skin brightening to overcome everyday wear and tear your skin faces, you should look for these ingredients in your products.

Say No to following ingredients:

Hydroxquinone And Mercury

Hydroquinone and mercury are known as skin bleaching agents and are therefore harsh on the skin as they can change the nature of the skin, making it ultra-sensitive or they can enter the bloodstream as mercury is a lead and if used more than the recommended amount, this ingredient poses a threat to health. It is best to steer clear of such ingredients and opt for natural and safe ingredients.

Over Active Melanosomes

Often, overactive melanosomes work to make the skin uneven and pigmented in various spots. Sometimes, they’re influenced by several external factors, such as the environment, hormones, or multiple other things. Pigmentation is not medically harmful however, it does shake a person’s confidence and make them feel insecure about how they appear to others physically. 

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