How To Get Rid Of Dark Spots On The Face?

How To Get Rid Of Dark Spots On The Face?

What’s Korean and all in rage these days? Kdramas? Yes sure! Kpop? Duh yes! But what else is it? Did you ever look at a Korean actor and wonder how did they get such perfect glass skin without any scars and spot? Sure there is some makeup involved but the key is good skin care! The moment you start taking skin care much more seriously than makeup, that’s the moment your skin game is going to change. So yes, Koreans are just as human as us, and they’ve the same set of problems as we do just like everyone else in the world!

Dark spots on face is something that a majority of us faces at some point in our lives. Got a pimple on an odd day before a function, that left a mark? Sounds familiar. Got hyperpigmentation at various spots on face because of raging sun in the summer season? Yeah, that sounds familiar as well. Since we’re all in the same boat, I know how all of us seek help from our one true friend ‘google’ and search answers to questions like, “How to remove dark spot from face?” or “How to whiten/lighten your face spots?”

We come bearing some affordable solutions!

Since it is a serious issue and we wanted to help you out regarding the black/brown spots on the face, we set out on a very important mission of conducting thorough research on this topic, with the sole aim of putting our worried readers' hearts to rest! During our talks with top reputed dermatologists, we came up with a list of ingredients that are used to treat the black spots on the face. So this is your answer to the million-dollar question, “How to remove black spots from face?”

What To Opt?

Vitamin C

Kojic Acid

Alpha Hydroxy Acids

Retinoids (to be used only on a doctor's recommendation)

Natural Extracts.

What To Avoid

These are the ingredients with proven efficacy regarding the dark colored spots on the skin. There’s also something else that is effective but it shouldn’t be used unless your doctor recommends it to you. Hydroquinone is a bleaching agent that many beauty companies use in order to compete in this ever growing beauty industry. Though effective whilst usage,  this ingredient is harsh by nature and it shouldn’t be a part of your beauty and skincare products as it is known to damage the skin barrier which ultimately results in your skin being ultra sensitive and damaged. So yes, even if someone swears by the results, you should steer clear of this ingredient until and unless your doctor deems it fit for your condition.

Maxdif Skin Brightening Range

Maxdif skin brightening range consists of Maxdif skin brightening cream, Maxdif skin brightening face wash, and Maxdif G tablets. This entire range is dedicated to acting against hyperpigmentation of all sorts. With the use of exceptional ingredients that target dark areas of the skin, these products are designed to give you the glowy, even-toned appearance that you desire.

Maxdif Skin Brightening Cream

This product contains a blend of ingredients such as Vitamin C, Licorice extract, Embelica extract, Niacinamide and alpha arbutin to make your skin uniform in color. Studies have shown that when vitamin C and licorice extract are used together, they provide great results when it comes to skin brightening as these both ingredients support the effect of each other and are therefore, amazing.  Maxdif skin brightening cream also contain the ingredients for skin nourishment. Hyaluronic acid is the best humectant used to moisturize the skin adequately so it appears radiant and beautiful. Maxdif skin brightening cream should be used daily In a pea sized amount at the end of the night time skincare routine to garner best results.

Maxdif G tablets

Maxdif G tablets are formulated carefully to improve immunity and the ingredients help to brighten up the entire look that appears uneven and dull due to everyday wear and tear that a skin undergoes. The prime ingredients are Gluathione, Vitamin C, and Alpha Lipoic acid. Gluathione is known to act at various levels of melanogenesis to target hyperpigmentation. This supplement is safe to consume and is taken for it’s skin brightening and anti aging effects. Take these supplements daily for best results and maintain a proper skincare routine alongside.

Maxdif Face Wash

Maxdif face wash contains a powerful combination of vitamin C and niacinamide that helps to brighten up dull skin and gives your skin a 100 watt glow. For best results, use at least twice a day. Use in combination with maxdif cream to get the maximum benefit of this concoction.

Laser and Peels

Laser therapy has been around for a while now but with great advancement and technology, a much more effective version of laser light therapy is now accessible. Light of specific wave-length is used to target the dark area of the skin. Chemical peels are now also available. A specially curated product containing a single or a combination of desquamating agents is applied on the skin so black and dark spots could be removed. Though effective generally, these treatment options have several drawbacks.

1) Multiple sessions are needed, therefore it is time consuming.

2)  It is expensive.

3) Not available everywhere.

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