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We Need To Talk About Mineral Oil

Usage of oils in the skincare industry has been pretty common since this industry started, but now, more than ever, oils are gaining a good reputation for the exceptional benefits they provide. Even with our ancestors, we always hear about different kinds of oils that are good for the skin and hair (no wonder our grandmothers had such flawless skin and long, cascading, thick hair). I particularly remember my grandmother having a good routine of oiling her hair with some mustard seed oil or with coconut oil before shower and she had the perfect locks of hair that framed her face beautifully.

Among many, many types of oils, there’s this one oil in particular that we all have used at some point in our lives because it is in a lot of skincare products, however, we’re not very familiar with the name and details of this oil. Yes, I am talking about mineral oil. This particular oil is well talked about by many skincare aficionados, however, everyone holds a different opinion about it because it is derived from petroleum. So, Is mineral oil bad for your skin or is mineral oil good for your skin? Let us take a look at mineral oil in skincare and how it is used.

An Introduction To Mineral Oil And All About It!

Mineral oil is a colorless, odorless oil derived from petroleum. Yes, the same thing that you get from the animal and plants fossils to fuel your car. So, what was everyone thinking when they thought of using mineral oil for skin? Well, mineral oil used in cosmetics is FDA approved and it undergoes a great deal of distillation to purify the mineral oil and what you get in your cosmetics and skincare is not harmful since it is curated to fit the skin.

Is Mineral Oil Bad For Skin?

Then why is everyone a little cautious of using mineral oil on their skin if there are some mineral oil benefits for the skin? It is primarily due to its origin but one other thing could be because it doesn’t suit everyone. This makes sense since every skin is not the same and every ingredient works differently on every skin type so dermatologists and skincare aestheticians are not completely thrown off by this ingredient because it is, as a matter of fact, a great ingredient when it comes to skin moisturization. So yes, you’ll find mineral oil in lotions and your good old tub of vaseline (because who doesn’t own vaseline?)

Mineral Oil Uses For Skin Care Products And Cosmetics

Mineral oil offers good moisturization, though it is not antioxidant or anti-aging and doesn’t offer any other benefits but, it is good at something and that is moisturization. This quality in particular makes it an ideal fit for those who suffer from dry skin and associated conditions such as psoriasis and eczema. Mineral oil can be used on its own or you can opt for any product (Lotion or moisturizer) that will do the deed for you.

For Babies

Mineral oil is often used in baby oils because it doesn’t allow the skin barrier to break and prevents anything from damaging it. This way, it is not only ideal for trapping the moisture on the skin but also performs a great job of preventing the fragile skin against any environmental harm to the skin. Moreover, mineral oil is used in babies to prevent diaper rash. A rash is developed due to constant contact with the highly acidic content of a soiled diaper that reacts to the fragile baby skin. Mineral oil prevents this by acting as a barrier. This way, it prevents the skin from developing rashes that are not only uncomfortable but also painful.

As A Cleanser

There are many uses of mineral oil for skin apart from moisturization. Mineral oil is often used to remove the theatrical makeup which is one of the most stubborn and layered makeup to withstand all the harsh and high beam light and environmental effects during the performance. Mineral Oil breaks down this greasepaint makeup without causing any harm to the skin as it is still hydrating for the skin, so it is ideal for removing the eye makeup without causing any harm to the sensitive skin around the eyes.

To Prevent Feet Cracking

Often, people suffer from the problem of dry heels that crack that is not only unpleasant to look at but sometimes, this condition can become painful as the cracks run deep in the skin and may cause a tear. This can be prevented by the usage of mineral oil that is hydrating and forms a protective layer around the cracks to prevent any further abrasion.

Is Mineral Oil Bad For Skin When It Comes To Acne?

Mineral oil has big-sized molecules that don’t penetrate the pores so not, it will not cause acne because it won’t clog your pores. It will, however, trap whatever it is on your face and won’t allow it to leave, so it acts as a seal. If you like your skin to breathe, then mineral oil is not for you. Generally, if you have got oily skin, it might be a good idea to steer clear of mineral oil just so your skin would breathe, but if you do want to try it out, you can start with a product that has a minimal concentration of mineral oil so don’t rule anything out.  

Is Mineral Oil Carcinogenic?

Mineral Oil, at one time, was believed to be carcinogenic because of its source, however, many studies have proved that claim wrong. Mineral oil goes through many phases of refining so it won’t damage your skin, provided it is something that suits your skin. Since the mineral oil has quite a big molecular size, it won’t absorb into your skin, therefore it will not be absorbed in your bloodstream so mineral oil is not carcinogenic.

This is all there is to know when it comes to mineral oil. It doesn’t offer plenty of benefits as some of the other oils do but it is a good ingredient if it suits your skin type so don’t refuse to venture down this path, you might find something your skin desires!