The Hidden Truth Behind Acne

The Hidden Truth Behind Acne

Acne is one of the most common things that we all seek to avoid like a plague. Why? Is it contagious? No. Is it medically dangerous? No (mostly). So, why do we all run away from it as if acne is a white walker that has emerged after 1000 years? (Game of Thrones reference). Acne comes in many shapes and forms and no one truly knows what causes acne. Simply put, everything and anything can cause acne, it just depends on your skin.

As defined by Oxford, “Acne is a skin condition characterized by red pimples on the skin, especially on the face, due to inflamed or infected sebaceous glands and prevalent chiefly among adolescents.” But it is not restricted to adolescents only. Acne can occur in all age groups and all races. Some basic things might cause acne in some people such as genetically acne-prone skin, hormonal imbalance, any allergic reaction to something, or a particular diet. However, the entire truth behind acne is something that no one has been able to uncover till now as acne is highly subjective. But, after years of research, there’s something we know and we’re here to uncover it here for you.

Uncovering everything for you!

Identification Of Acne

Acne appears In the form of blackheads, whiteheads, pimples, pustules, or cysts. Acne can be painful sometimes, usually, pustules or cysts are painful as they go in deep and they accumulate the debris inside the skin which is also known as pus. Pimples and blackheads are relatively painless. There’s a good variety of microorganisms on our skin and certain bacteria also cause the formation of acne. So yes, not all bacteria are skin-friendly and it is probably why hygiene is associated with acne. However, over scrubbing of the face to compulsively remove all of the bacteria from the skin is also equally dangerous because it can result in a damaged skin barrier which can result in more acne. So yes, when it comes to acne, over-treatment/ exfoliation is not a way to get rid of it but to introduce it.

Home Hacks/ DIY Treatments

One of the most common hacks that many people swear by is the application of toothpaste on acne to get rid of bulging pustules. Since toothpaste dries as it goes, it tends to provide relief from acne. However, applying toothpaste to cystic acne can be more damaging. Our toothpaste contains high amounts of fluoride which is great for teeth whitening and it is often marketed as the best ingredient for our tooth’s health but the reality is different. Flouride tends to absorb in the blood and then it interferes with the hormonal level, which in turn, results in….*drum rolls* More acne! Safe to say, toothpaste is off the table when it comes to acne treatment. You should, instead, opt for some specific treatment. The best acne cream should consist of salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide or any AHA that can dry out the acne and treat it. Since these ingredients are meant for acne treatment, they’re not damaging and they don’t get absorbed in the bloodstream so you don’t have to worry about your upset hormonal level.

While we’re on the topic of DIY, tomatoes, and limes are not meant for your skin. Your skin is not a salsa dip and you shouldn’t treat it like one. These ingredients are natural and they’re good for consumption but they’re very harsh for the skin so they may end up breaking your skin barrier, leaving it more vulnerable than before, and may cause more acne. Skincare products are specially curated after processing and diluting these ingredients so they’re better suited for every skin type. It is always best to invest in your skincare than in skin treatment, Always.


It is a common belief that makeup will result in acne. While it is not true entirely, there is some backing to this statement. If any of your makeup products is comedones laden, and you leave it on for too long, chances are, that it’ll affect your skin. It is not because a certain ingredient is reacting to your skin, but because a certain ingredient can choke your skin. It is, therefore, recommended to take your makeup off before sleeping because clogged pores are acne’s best friend.

What You Eat Is What Causes Acne

We’ve all heard about how eating some delicious junk food will cause acne. Or eating chocolates is an open invitation to acne. Well, it is a myth. There’s no scientific evidence behind acne due to junk or oily food or chocolate. It is still not quite clear why some people do get acne when they eat certain foods. It could be psychological or it could be something that upsets your hormonal level, thereby resulting in acne. (Disclaimer: This is not an invitation for you to eat unhealthy because junk food may not cause acne, but it can cause other issues so, maybe limit your junk consumption for some good occasions only? Just saying :D)


It does appear that I’ve limited a lot of options for everyone but don’t worry. We come bearing a shining recommendation for pimple treatment for oily skin (Since we already covered dry skin). A good Alpha hydroxy acid is a great way to treat your acne. Jenpharm’s MandelAC serum containing 20% mandelic acid is excellent for treating the oil-clogged pores and acne pustules that grace your skin with their presence all the time. This serum will not only treat your acne, but it’ll help in oil control so you don’t have to worry about keeping oil reserves on your skin.

So, the hidden truth behind acne is that you might be causing it when you’re trying to treat it. It is best to look for the cause of acne and simply accept that sometimes, there will be acne but there will also be jenpharm’s products to help you!

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