5 summer skincare tips for everyone


What do we associate with summers? Warmer temperatures, for sure. But what else? Ice creams, slushes, beaches, parks, etc etc. Basically a complete 180-degree shift from the winters! But what else needs to be shifted is your skincare routine for summers. That’s right, you can not use the same products you use during the winter season. Simply because our skin is affected by the climate and temperatures. If the temperature flares up, it’ll have a different impact on your skin.

So hypothetically speaking, if you use thick moisturizers during winters and continue using them during the hot, humid summer season, it is going to choke your skin and it is going to be affected by this. Possible effects include acne eruption on your skin, skin becoming extra greasy and dull. These effects are not why a person invests their time, effort, and money in skincare. So, it is only logical to switch your skincare routine to something that is more summer-appropriate and doesn’t choke your skin!

Just like the weather and your clothes, the skincare in summer should be breezy and light. Something that gives all the nutrients to your skin without it feeling like a thick paste that you just want to take off! What I mean by that is, your skincare should relax you and not make you run away from it in any case. And that’s why we come bearing skincare tips for clearer skin and we’ve some top-notch recommendations of best skin care products as well so keep reading and/ or scrolling!

Your Perfect Summer Fix!

Get A Mild Cleanser

If you’re wondering why you should go for a mild cleanser and what exactly is a mild cleanser? That is an excellent question! One would think that our skin gets extra oily and greasy during summer so we should use a cleanser that takes off every bit of dirt from our face and soak every last drop of sebum from our face! No? Well yes, and no! Your cleanser should definitely be efficient and ‘cleansing’ enough to remove all the dirt and gunk away from your face but it shouldn’t suck out every last bit of oil from your face and here’s why! When we remove oil externally from our skin, we’re signaling our brain that there is no oil on the skin, which in turn, causes our brain to produce even more oil to compensate for the lack of oil on our skin, thereby making our skin extra oily. So what we’re running from would chase us even more! These are all brain games, quite literally! Basically in summer, you want a perfect blend for your skin that cleanses but doesn’t dry out your skin. Jenpharm offers one such blend of spectacular formulation in the form of MandelAC facewash. Having 3%  mandelic acid, this face wash is lightly exfoliating that doesn’t dry out your skin but efficiently removes all the dirt, bacteria, and dead cells from your skin, leaving it clean but not squeaky clean that is damaging for your skin. 

Pro Tip: Don’t wipe your skin with a towel, let the weather work its magic on your skin, and let your face air dry to retain moisture on your skin for plump, supple skin!

Moisturize even in summers

The second step in your skincare routine should be a moisturizer regardless of the weather. When we think of a moisturizer, we think of thick, rich emulsions that stay on our skin. Something, we desire only in winters! But no, You need to moisturize your skin even during the hot, humid weather. But what is different during the summer season is the fact that your moisturizer should be very lightweight, non-greasy, and preferably, noncomedogenic or very low on the comedogenic scale! Something akin to water so you put it on your skin but it doesn’t choke it. Jenpharm came up with a solution for your summertime moisturizer and Dermive Oil-Free is what you need during the summer season for your skin! This moisturizer is water-based and contains the best humectants that moisturize your skin very well and retain the preventive barrier of your skin, making it one of the best skin care products in Pakistan. Having a light, airy texture, this emulsion soaks into your skin and doesn’t feel like it is sitting on your skin.

Sunscreen Is Your Best Buddy

Yes I know, I sound like a broken record at this point but sunscreen is indeed your best friend during summer and winter alike. It is essential to protect your skin against the harmful UVA and UVB rays that age your skin and causes it harm, such as skin cancer and excessive tanning that is dangerous for your skin. A sunscreen should effectively prevent all these UV rays from damaging your skin. What is important to note in your sunscreen is the fact that your sunscreen should be broad-spectrum and SPF 30 or higher. A broad-spectrum, as the name represents, protects your skin against a wide variety of UV rays, and SPF is a sun protection factor! Dermatologists generally recommend using higher than SPF 30 for adequate protection of skin. Jenpharm offers a range of spectra sunblocks that come in SPF 40, SPF 60, and SPF 100 and offer the best protection against harmful UV rays and don’t leave any white cast. For oily skin especially, it is recommended to use Spectra Matt SPF 40 that has sebo-micropores to help soak up any excessive sebum to make your skin silky and smooth.

Bring Exfoliation Back

It is recommended to exfoliate all the dead, dry skin during the summertime period. Depending on your skin type and skin concerns, generally, exfoliation is recommended thrice a week or on alternate days. Exfoliation is the phenomenon that takes away the dull and dare I say, the problematic upper layer of skin away and reveals fresher, younger, and brighter skin. The presence of oil may make your skin dull in summer and you don’t run the risk of overly drying your skin, therefore it is best to exfoliate during summers. Jenpharm offers MandelAC range, consisting of MandelAC serum for oily skin people, MandelAC cream for dry skin people, and MandelAC facewash for every type of skin. Use as directed to get the best results.

Hydrate, Hydrate, And Hydrate.

The last tip we’ve for you is to keep yourself hydrated especially during summer where your body is likely to lose a lot of fluid by sweating therefore, you should make sure you don’t run low on your water fill to appear healthy looking. Moreover, it is also recommended to keep splashing water on your face with water after 2-3 hours so your face appears healthy and refreshed! But do reapply your sunscreen once you’re done splashing your face!

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