Difference B/W Skin Lightening & Skin Brightening

Difference B/W Skin Lightening And Skin Brightening

Skin Lightening and Skin brightening are the two terms often used by companies to market their skincare products. You might have seen these terms and wondered if they mean the same? Well, no they don’t. There’s a great difference between these two terms and we’ll explain how these two things are different but let’s take a sneak peek of the past so we can completely understand the context of these two words and why they’re so important, especially when it comes to South Asian countries.

It is a known fact that every era in any kingdom has a certain impact on the people and while the effect may wear off with time, the lingering aspects still remain and that’s how we evolve, yet we still have the hint of past within us. So when the British came to The Subcontinent, one of the major effects they didn’t only change the architecture and way of living in people, they also imparted this fascination and appreciation of whiter and lighter skin tone in people and this nation with beautifully diverse skin colors is gripped in the shackles of idolizing the fair or white skin tone. Since the British were rich and held great offices, the color white was associated with those who had a better socioeconomic status.

Unfortunately, long after the British are gone, this concept is still here and people seem to struggle to let this go. For that reason alone, many among us take to google for a frantic search on “How to lighten skin?” Or “Natural skin lightening cream for black skin”, etc. And just like every other market, the skincare industry works on the basics of demand, and in this area of the world, there is an increasing demand for skin lightening or skin brightening products. Now, let us look at the details of these statements.

What might sound similar is actually very different!

Skin Brightening

Everyone loves to look like a better version of themselves and they deserve to feel good about their appearance. Everyday wear and tear negatively impact us every day and the effect shows on our skin. As a result, our skin appears dull and defeated. In layman terms, our skin doesn’t look fresh and for that reason, people seek something that’ll brighten their skin up. Skin brightening is the concept of using certain products or ingredients that give a beautiful oomph to your skin so your skin appears rejuvenated, bright, and fresh. So if you want some answers to your question,” How to brighten skin?” we’ll provide some good recommendations and awesome ingredients suggestions, so keep reading!

Skin Lightening

Skin lightening is the concept where a person seeks to lighten their original skin color by decreasing the level of melanosomes in the body to decrease the pigmentation on the skin. Melanin is the pigment that imparts a beautiful color to your skin and if you have got a beautiful darker skin tone, that means your body has more melanin than a person with a lighter skin tone than yours. I am not moral policing anyone nor do I hold the badge for “I-know-everything-therefore-I-can-preach” but skin lightening can get a little dangerous. There are many harsh bleaching agents sold in the market that give immediate results but they’re extremely dangerous for the skin, so if you’re wondering how to lighten your skin? Please don’t.

Certain bleaching agents such as hydroquinone can be extremely dangerous for the skin and can result in skin getting completely raw and irritated beyond any kind of control. An unhealthy obsession with any kind of thing is bound to result in something dangerous. So my honest opinion? Honey, you’re beautiful with your unique and amazing skin color!

The Difference

To sum it up, the primary difference between the two is; skin brightening doesn’t involve altering your skin color. The most it’ll do is that it’ll make you look much fresher and rejuvenated. The best ingredients that are used for skin brightening are Vitamin C, niacinamide, Natural extracts such as Emblica extract, licorice root extract etc. AHA, also known as alpha-hydroxy acids are also used for this purpose as they perform lovely desquamation so your dull skin peels off and fresher skin is revealed which looks oh-so-dreamy! Skin lightening, on the other hand, requires you to change your skin’s inherent color and therefore it is against nature. This results in your body and face’s skin complexion changing completely than it originally was.

Maxdif Skin Brightening Bundle

We, at Jenpharm, believe in the healthy transformation of the skin that is not damaging at all. For this reason, we encourage people to use our skin brightening products that are not harmful to the skin, rather they give your skin the most beautiful glow ever. Moreover, these ingredients make your skin baby soft to touch. This skin-brightening bundle consists of Maxdif skin brightening cream, Maxdif Face wash, and Maxdif G. When used simultaneously, these products work like a magic to rejuvenate your skin. Maxdif Face wash is a gentle facewash consisting of Vitamin C, niacinamide, Emblica extract, and other wonderful ingredients that cleanse your face but don’t take the life out of your face as many other face washes do. Maxdif cream is an ideal nighttime cream, enriched with the goodness of nourishing ingredients that don’t only brighten your skin, but also make it soft and supple. Consistent use of this cream will allow you to fight hyperpigmentation at various spots, so your skin would appear even-toned and beautiful. Maxdif G tablets are specially curated to help you with the skin brightening effects that are generated from the cellular level. Moreover, maxdif G tablets give your body an immune boost. As you know, a healthy body would have healthy-looking skin and a healthy-looking skin is what your skincare goal should be!

On that note, we would again, like to remind you (in case you forgot), that you’re beautiful because of your skin color whatever it may be. It is what makes you unique and one of a kind! So embrace your natural color with a proud smile and take care of your baby (skin) because everyone deserves to be pampered!

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