How To Prep Your Skin One Month Prior To Your Wedding!

How To Prep Your Skin One Month Prior To Your Wedding!

First it is love, then it's time for lehenga shopping, blowdrys, manicures, spa treatments and more. There are many things to do when planning a wedding. Who has time to think about beauty? We do! Here's the ultimate planner on how to take care of your skin a month before your wedding. This process is so tiring that it is easy to forget to take care of yourself during this time. From the fitting of the dress to the completion of all the details related to the event, the bride feels stressed and has enough time to take care of herself.Β 

Brides forget to do their eyebrows, tone their skin, and take care of their hair. If you're one of those brides who thought about getting their eyebrows done the day before their wedding and couldn't get the perfect hair color in a rush, you're not alone! And if you're just discovering that skincare is your number one priority, fear not. We will help make you glow with the most basic tips that will prepare you for your important day! Also we will tell you the best skincare products that will work magically for your skin!

Watch what you eat and exercise regularly!

Check your diet. Avoid salt, dairy products, sugar and bread. It's all in the name of De-puff. Eat lots of fruits, dried fruits, lemon juice, coconut water and vegetables! Exercise is important for beautiful skin! It also keeps your skin healthy, active, and toned. At least 30 minutes each day.

Don’t forget to take hydra facial session!

Hydra Facial is suitable for brides as it works for all skin types and the results are immediate and long lasting. While traditional facials can cause irritation, redness, inflammation, and downtime, Hydra Facial provides instant results. Skin cells regenerate about every 28 days, so you can schedule Hydra Facials every four weeks for her, starting months before her wedding, to ensure a noticeable change and improvement in your skin.

Focus on simple but effective skin care!

It's not easy to keep up with your skincare routine when it comes to your wedding. Most brides usually make a big mistake by getting facials and scrubs right before their wedding, which can lead to acne and breakouts. Have you ever thought about why brides get acne the day before their wedding? Peelings and chemical facials are the reason. If you want to glow before your ceremony, follow a basic skin care routine. If you have dry skin, start with a dry skin care product like Jenpharm’s hydration bundle. If you have acne-prone or oily skin, the Anti-acne and skin brightening Bundle is for you.Β 

Use a night cream:

Maxdif skin brightening cream is a unique blend of ingredients such as vitamin C and kojic acid. It not only improves pigmentation and discoloration, but also improves uneven skin tone and blemishes, making your skin look younger. You can treat dark spots, uneven skin tone, discoloration, hyperpigmentation with the help of maxdif skin brightening cream.

Additional tip: Use mandelac facewash for oily skin to remove acne scars. According to experts it is the best facewash for oily skin.

Goodbye Makeup:

The month leading up to your wedding is packed with appointments, celebrations, and madness. Remember to remove your makeup every night before an accident. I know it will be hard, but you will be able to shine on Wedding-Day! Also, staying away from makeup might be ideal but it’s not necessary!

Prepare hands and feet

Have you bought the best statement sandals for your big day? Are you ready for all the close-ups? We hear you say BIG YES! Wait a second! Have you taken care of your hands and feet? Just like any other part of your body, taking care of your hands and feet is very important. Get a manicure and pedicure a week before your big day. Also, keep your hands and feet hydrated. Exfoliate your hands and feet with the best natural exfoliants. There's no better way to moisturize your hands and nails than with Jenpharm’s DermiVe Urea. Also, remember to keep breathing and calm. And most importantly, don't forget to have fun!!


We have pretty much summed up everything a bride to be should know. Apart from that we highly recommend trying to get a good night's sleep consistently. With the stress of the wedding, I know that's not possible, but at least try to keep your body clock going. The best thing to do at this point is to close your eyes. Work is done, so take some time to relax (at least try). A comfortable eye mask can help you fall asleep.

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