This Acne Solution Kit Will Treat the Stubborn Acne

This Acne Solution Kit Will Treat the Stubborn Acne

No matter how severe your acne is, having a skincare routine and following it faithfully will help your skin clear it up! Are you worn out because you've tried every product on the market to treat your acne but nothing has worked?  Do you long for substantial advantage? Jenpharm’s anti-acne bundle has got you covered, so stop worrying! All you have to do is follow and adhere to a skincare routine. You must understand that sticking to a regular skincare programme will alter the game for you if you have any type of skin problem. Your skin is particularly delicate and has to be taken care of with a clean skincare regimen. Using harmful chemicals and preservatives will not result in clear glass skin. It's time to stop using traditional skincare products and switch to organic and natural alternatives.

Everything you require to treat acne-prone skin is included in the anti-acne bundle. Anyone can use this three-step acne treatment regimen! This kit is the best skincare kit for you if you have oily, acne-prone skin. Cleanse, protect, and apply serum to the affected region are all that are required. Simply follow your simple skincare routine, and you'll get fantastic results.


What is included in anti-acne bundle?This dermatologist-recommended kit comes with 3% MandelAC face wash, 20% Mandelic acid serum (AHA), and Spectra Matt for daily oil management. It includes a full regimen of our top anti-acne selections.

Removes Pustular Acne and Comedonal Acne

Age-reversing (removes wrinkles and fine lines)

Removing the skin's dead cells
Treats Hyperpigmentation

Treats Melasma, or the pregnancy marks

Improves Acne Scars

Improves the texture of skin

First step: CLEANSE!

Making sure your skin is thoroughly cleansed is the first step to having clear skin. Use mandelac Face Wash that has been especially developed for oily and acne-prone skin, for this reason. The removal of excess oil without depleting the skin of its natural oils makes this the ideal face cleanser for acne-prone skin. You must use cleansers with active anti-acne components if you have acne-prone skin. The best face cleanser for oily skin is MandelAc, which contains 3% Mandelic Acid and Vitamin E. MandelAc Acne, scientifically proven Acne, hyperpigmentation, and unwelcome microorganisms on your skin are reduced by clear face wash. The Mandelac Face Wash enhances skin texture, exfoliates dead skin cells, and treats acne scars. It's the greatest toner as well as the best cleanser for acne. This cleanser is an absolute need if you are organizing your skincare regimen for oily skin. 

Note: You have to wash your face twice daily.

Second step: Apply SPF!

The sebaceous glands under the skin are overactive and produce more sebum than usual when the skin is oily. SPF is necessary for all skin types. Our own kinds are shielded from the effects of the sun by sunscreen. We must better safeguard our skin. There are various sunscreens available, but they are often thick and hard to wear after application. If you have oily skin, you should use a mild, gel-based cleanser. The gel-based Spectra Matt40 Sunscreen by Jenpharm is a sunscreen. It absorbs quickly and is quite light. Your skin is evenly plumped after using the Spectra Matt Sunblock without having clogged pores. It will safeguard your skin! Millions of people have given Spectra Matt Sunblock reviews of 5 stars.

Last but never the least: SPOT-TREATMENT!

Avoid touching your face, and if you have a propensity of picking at your zits, STOP! Acne scars and blemishes can result from picking at pimples. The greatest option to get rid of that unwanted visitor is spot treatment. Applying mandelac serum to the pimple and affected region is the third step in this process. All you need to do to get rid of a zit is dab a drop of mandelac serum to it. Your zit will disappear overnight with spot treatment, leaving no scar!


Although having acne is never ideal, it does not define who you are or lessen your beauty. Teenagers having acne is very natural, especially at this age when their bodies are already undergoing a lot of hormonal changes. We at Jenpharm are always here to advise and assist you with your skincare requirements. Therefore, don't worry about what you can control and handle. Enjoy your skin-care regimen!

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