How to have a healthier and more productive home office?

How to have a healthier and more productive home office

Let’s flashback to the times we thought that the coronavirus pandemic will only last a few weeks or months. Almost after a year and a half, we are still bound to follow SOPs because the virus has not gone anywhere. Recently, a new Covid variant omicron has entered our lives. The outbreak of the virus has affected economies globally. For health and safety reasons, the government imposed different lockdowns which made businesses suffer more. Many setups were shut down during the pandemic as they couldn’t generate a sufficient amount. Till now, many setups are following work from home as it is more convenient and it also reduces the cost of rent and other utility bills. Though some people found it easier as they were saving travel costs and they found it more comfortable and time-saving, while some found it harder to concentrate on work while staying at home.

Well, if you are working from home or planning to work from home in the coming days, these tips can help you a lot in creating a safe workspace when you need to work remotely without making you go crazy.

Feel like a Boss, Work from Home

Get a morning routine

The way you spend your morning has a strong influential impact on the rest of the day. Waking up early in the morning, drinking lukewarm water, and going for a walk can increase your productivity for the rest of the day. It lowers stress levels and boosts energy levels. A sudden shift in routine can be a big task for some people. Those who are more outgoing and love to meet new people can face severe depression and stress while staying at home. For such extroverts, it is very important to manage stress. Just by following a healthy morning routine, stress can be easily managed throughout the day as you will have a happier and positive start to the day.

Eat well and stay hydrated

When you stay at home, you feel hungry more often as you are comfortable in your own space. Instead of binge eating snacks while working, fix your eating timetable and only prefer healthy, home-cooked food. Balanced and nutritious food increases productivity. It also keeps us fuller for longer and helps us focus. Remember what you eat will impact your mood and energy levels. To make sure you are working at your best, it is highly recommended that you drink around 8-14 glasses of water a day. Keep a water bottle and a glass on your desk along with your laptop. Studies have shown that drinking water helps with dehydration and eventually expands the brain’s grey matter. In short, by drinking enough water every day, people see a 14% increase in productivity at work and home.

Avoid less work and overwork

You should always remember one thing while working from home is that you are not on a holiday. You are committed to responsibility and you should be fulfilling it but it also doesn’t mean that you are available for work 24/7. You should work only during your work hours and spend the rest of your time with your family. When working, focus on work and with family spend quality time with them. Don’t mix them both.

Find and fix your spot

Though you are working from home, it doesn’t mean that you can work while lying on the bed in your night suits. Following this lazy routine, you will eventually lose your productivity. Stopping yourself from getting lazy, you need to wake up at a fixed time and work only on your fixed spot. You can get an office chair and desk for you. Decorate the table with small table plants. They will look appealing to your eyes and give a more positive vibe in your little home office.

Take breaks

This rule is not only for working from home but also for working from the office. Taking breaks between work increases productivity. If your eyes start feeling dry, itchy, or tired, take a break from looking at your computer screen. These small breaks will help you refocus mentally and allow you to rest your eyes. Consider a 5 min walk, nap, or having a meal or snack.

Schedule all parts of the day

Plan your day. Divide your day into pre-morning, morning, post-morning, afternoon, evening, night routines. By dividing your day and making a proper schedule for it, you will increase your productivity by time management. You will be more aware of your to-do activities which will eventually save your time. You should also plan your work hours, your breaks, your check-in and check-out time. This way, you will be able to easily manage your work life and personal life by giving proper time to both.

Be ready for virtual meetups

A virtual meetup is defined as people connected through screens, regardless of their locations, sharing information or exchanging conversations without being physically together. Virtual meetups can be scheduled ahead of time but the urgent meeting can also be scheduled to discuss something important so it’s better to dress well while working or else you will be rushing to get ready and change clothes while the meeting will already be started.

Communicate with those around you

Working at home can be challenging if those around you do not understand that you are working from home and not enjoying the holidays. Those around you expect that you will work according to their schedules. For example; if someone has worked on a late-night shift, family members won’t care and wake the person up early in the morning. Sometimes, they keep interrupting with small tasks for you to do. As you are at home, you are bound to do these extra chores which eventually reduces your productivity.

Get out of your house

As your office is now shifted at home, there are very less chances that you will go out. If you will stay at your home all the time, there is a great chance that you might get depressed. Changing the environment helps in keeping yourself fresh and productive. There is a greater chance that productivity will be increased for those who find it hard to concentrate on work while staying at home.

Look out for more positive aspects like how much you will save from traveling costs. Feel positive, be positive!

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