Make time for fitness

Make time for fitness

Most of us are in a constant struggle of taking out time for physical activity. There are countless benefits of staying fit. From fewer health risks to younger and beautiful skin, exercise gives you natural energy. Due to our robotic lives, a fit lifestyle is very hard to manage. No matter if we are a student or an employee or an entrepreneur, we all are jam-packed in our tight schedules. Working from 9-5, looking after the home, preparing for the next day is time-consuming. Even if we are left with some time, we do not have any energy left to make time for ourselves. If till now, you find it relatable, then this blog is right here for you!

Benefits of staying fit

Exercise or staying fit helps you to lose extra pounds and lower the risk of some diseases. Exercising regularly can help in lowering the risk of some diseases like obesity, type 2 diabetes, and high blood pressure. When your body is at a healthy weight, you stay fit physically and mentally which enhances your productivity. Exercise helps a person age well. Staying fit manages your weight better and makes your bones, muscles, and joints stronger. Exercising lowers the risk of developing osteoporosis.

These are only a few benefits of exercise, if you follow a healthy, fit lifestyle you will see magical wonders of it in the long run.

How can I manage healthy life?

By following mentioned tips, you can start managing a healthy lifestyle:

1) Identify unhealthy habits in your life

2) Make necessary changes to avoid those habits

3) Remove the negative triggers in your life

4) Make fruits and vegetables the main part of your eating routine

5) Exercise or meditate to avoid stress

How to exercise?

Mostly, we tend to focus on one type of exercise and assume that we are doing more than enough. It’s important to get all types of exercise. One can be your primary type of exercise while the others can be a secondary type. Depending on your stamina, you can mix them all for better results. Each of them has different benefits. You can start with one type of exercise as doing one will enhance your ability to do others. If you are a newbie and cannot figure out what exercise is best for you, don’t worry! We got you covered.

Which time is best for exercise?

Though exercise is beneficial no matter at which time it is performed still morning workouts are proven best if you want to burn calories and lose weight. Afternoon workouts are good to increase productivity and overall performance. They give an energy boost. What time is best for exercise doesn’t matter. What matters is that you are taking out time for yourself. You can work out at one time or you can also divide your one workout routine into 2 shifts during the day.

How to take out time for gym?

Always pre-plan your next day and fit your schedules. You can easily take out time for gym if your day is planned. Even if you have a very busy routine, you can still hit up the gym. For example, you can wake up early in the morning, an hour before you usually wake up, and hit up the gym. An early morning workout will boost up your confidence, keep you in shape and make your skin glowy. You will surely be happy about this decision. If you are already waking up early and have work till late at night, don’t worry! You can always work out at home easily. There are plenty of home workout videos. for the basic know-how of exercises, keep reading this blog. You will find amazing kinds of exercises which you didn’t even know about. For example, picking up groceries is also a kind of strength training exercise. Didn’t know about it?

4 main types of exercises

1) Endurance Exercise

2) Strength Exercises

3) Balance Exercises

4) Flexibility Exercises

Let’s discuss all types of exercises in detail:

1) Endurance exercises

These types of exercises increase your breathing and heart rates keeping you healthy and improving fitness. These exercises improve the health of your heart, lungs, and circulatory system. They can also prevent or delay diseases like diabetes, breast cancers, and various types of heart diseases. Following are included in endurance exercises: Brisk walking or jogging, Dancing, Swimming, Biking, Climbing stairs or hills, Playing tennis or basketball. Always warm up your body before starting endurance exercise. You should keep yourself hydrated while doing such exercises as sweat rate increases, there is a greater chance of dehydration if you don’t increase your water intake. To prevent any injury, make sure to use safety equipment. For example, wear a helmet when bicycling.

2) Strength exercises

Strength exercises can make a big difference. Your strong muscles make daily life a lot easier. For example, getting up from a chair, climbing stairs, or even carrying groceries. Strong muscles can help in maintaining your balance. The chances of falling decrease, if you have strong leg or hip muscles. Strength exercises are also called strength training or resistance training. Many people are recommended to make strength training a part of their life as it improves strength. If you are starting this type of exercise, make sure you start with light weights and then gradually add more. Following are some examples of strength training exercises: Lifting weights, Carrying groceries, Gripping tennis ball, Lifting your body weight, Using a resistance band. Make sure you breathe normally during strength training. Always breathe out while lifting or pushing and breathe in as you relax. If you are unsure about any particular exercise, talk to your doctor or trainer before performing it.

Balance exercises

Balancing exercise works with your lower back and leg muscles. These exercises improve your ability to control and stabilize your body’s position. These exercises play an essential role in reducing injury risk. These are examples of balance exercises: Standing with your complete weight on one leg and uplifting the other leg to the side or behind you, Putting your heel right in front of your toe, like walking a tightrope, Standing up and sitting down from a chair without using your hands, Walking while alternating knee lifts with each step, Doing tai chi or yoga. Please make sure you have a steady chair or a person nearby, whom you can
hold onto if you feel unsteady. Do not try at home without consulting with a fitness trainer as it can cause severe injury if not done right.

Flexibility exercise

Stretching is a very good exercise to improve your flexibility. It improves your overall performance in physical activities and decreases your risk of injuries. It helps your joints to move in their full range of motion. Your muscles are enabled to work most effectively through flexibility exercises. These type of exercises includes: Backstretch exercise, Inner thigh stretch, Ankle stretch, Back of leg stretch. Before starting any flexibility exercise, make sure your muscles are warmed up. Always stretch after endurance or strength exercises. Don’t overstretch. Breathe normally while you are in a stretching position. Talk to your doctor or trainer if you feel pain or any other discomfort while performing a stretching exercise.

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