3 Jenpharm Products that deliver spa worthy results

3 Jenpharm products that deliver spa-worthy results at home

In this era, we all are living robotic life. Everyone has become busy. From students to housewives to workers, everybody has to manage their jam-packed schedule. Talking about women, either they are young students or employees. Some prefer to be a housewife. In their busy routine, it is so difficult to manage their skincare and haircare routine so they usually prefer going to a salon or spa twice or thrice a month. Spa treatments can be beneficial for blood regulation, stress management, improved sleep patterns, aging, and skin benefits. Apart from the benefits, there can be is a long list of why people shouldn’t prefer spa and salon treatments. Some of the major cons of spa treatments can be; Skin itchiness or redness, scalp burning, scalp irritation, sore throat, or burning eyes for chemicals being used, catching STD or hepatitis from tools being used for the same clients.

Stay safe, Stay gorgeous

With the pandemic around, which is still here, by the way, salons or spas cannot be a good option as the contact rate is very high. Although with vaccination process going on, the Covid rate has decreased it is still here and
we should follow Sops which are normally neglected by these beauty service centers. Instead of going to a spa, you can take care of your skin and hair with small tips at home. You can apply, egg masks and coffee masks on your hair and skin respectively to keep them glowy and healthy. With the right choice of skin and hair care products, you will not have any reason to go to a beauty clinic for treatments that costs a fortune. Another major drawback for cosmetological procedures is they are not covered by insurance and require a proper routine checkup.

Skincare/haircare routine and its never-ending benefits

Following proper skin care and hair care routine can limit your visits to a salon or spa. Following are the benefits of a proper routine;

1) Healthy, bright and radiant skin

2) Stops acne

3) It can slow down the signs of aging

4) You look good, you feel good

5) Healthy hair

6) Less hair fall

7) No dandruff

Jenpharm, your skin and hair’s best friend

Jenpharm has more than 30 years of experience in developing and marketing products of dermatology and cosmetology. The quality of product, excellence, integrity, and respect for our customers is unmatchable. Our products are worldwide famous as Jenpharm has maintained the highest standards and therefore emerged as one of the big players in the market of dermatology. We understand and prioritize the customer’s needs.

Our 3 magical products filled with love and care

Jenpharm has a wide range of products. Each product is unique on its own, serving its benefits. Today, we will talk about 3 products from our best sellers that have numerous benefits. Using these products and making them a part of your routine will eventually limit and then stop your visits to the salon. We assure you!

1) Maxdif skin brightening cream

Maxdif is a skin brightening cream, not a skin lightening cream. Confused? Let me explain. Skin lightening cream decreases melanin present in the skin, reduction of melanin in the skin lightens the skin tone giving you a fair complexion. As most of you might not know, melanin is responsible to protect skin from UV light before its able to damage the sensitive DNA of skin cells. On the other hand, skin brightening creams are destined to achieve healthy and improved skin. These type of products nourishes the skin and evens skin tone. Maxdif is a unique blend of ingredients like vitamin C, vitamin E, Niacinamide, Emblica Extracts & Kojic Acid. Following are the benefits of using maxdif;

1) It helps with hyperpigmentation and discoloration

2) It treats uneven skin tone and dark spots

3) It improves signs of aging

4) It enhances the natural beauty

Maxdif is clinically approved and dermatologists recommended it so it is safe from problems that an ordinary skin whitening cream has. It is safe to use. While salons and spas offer PRP and hydra facials that can charge you a fortune for just a single treatment that won’t even last long.

2) MandelAc Serum

The serum is one of the skincare products that can be used for treating issues like acne. Serums are used after cleansing and before applying a moisturizer. There are many benefits of mandelic acid-like gentle on the skin, accelerates cell turnover, and promotes collagen production. MandelAc serum is made of mandelic acid and is our bestselling serum that contains 20% mandelic acid. This serum is perfect for acne or post-acne skin. It is a perfect peeling solution for those with Acne, Uneven skin tone, Hyperpigmentation, Anti-aging wrinkles, Dead skin cells.

Our key ingredients include;

1) Mandelic Acid which is derived from bitter almonds and is perfect for acne and acne scars

2) Aloe Vera Gel which is extracted from aloe plants moisturizes and nourishes the skin

3) Sorbitol which is derived from berries allows the skin to retain its moisture

4) Allantoin which is derived naturally from several plants is a natural fix for parched skin.

By following a proper routine, you can reduce your acne almost to like it never happened. On the other hand, some salons offer laser treatments that not only cost a lot but require follow-up routine checkups once or thrice a month.

3) Anagrow hair serum

Hair serums can benefit your hair in several different ways. Different hair serums serve different benefits like making your hair shiny, reducing frizz, and enhancing your natural hair texture. Serums can also slower your rate of hair loss and eventually stop it. Anagrow hair serum is specially made to treat hair fall. It is an advanced scalp and hair concentrate that is specifically designed for weakened hair. It helps with Hair fall, Weakened hair, Hair thinning, Bald patches, Receding hairline, Lifeless hair.

Key ingredients of anagrow hair serum include;

1) Chamomile that promotes hair growth and helps with itchy scalp

2) Mistletoe extract that strengthens follicles and nourishes hair

3) Fennel seeds extract that has iron, copper, folate which helps in hair growth

Only some salons or spas offer services for problems like hair fall. There are only 2 options, either they give you high mcg supplements that can have adverse effects on your liver and kidney functioning or laser hair therapy caps. All of these medicated procedures require constant care and can also cause allergic reactions. The biggest con is that they are not budget-friendly at all!

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