5 Ways to get healthier looking and shinier hair


If you’re suffering from dry, brittle, damaged hair that just won’t look good no matter what, we hear you, and we’re here for you! For someone who takes their internet to search about “ways to get shinier hair?” Or “What are the hair care tips for healthier-looking hair?” or even, “How to take care of your hair?”, We come bearing answers and suggestions to put your worried heart at ease! It is indeed frustrating to find your hair lifeless that just breaks apart even with the gentlest touch but fret not! We know how you can get beautiful hair!
Before we divulge into juicy secrets that guarantee the results, we just want to let you know that everyone’s skin is different and it reacts to different ingredients uniquely. You should try out a routine consistently but try everything with an open mind that it may, or may not suit your skin depending upon the condition of your hair, genetics, and your environment! Generally, however, these tips work great for 99% of the population but you should do whatever works for you or whatever floats your boat!



Living here and growing up in South Asia, if there is one thing that we’ve always seen our mother/grandmothers/ relatives doing from the beauty regime, it’s the frequent oiling of hair before showering. This has lots of benefits and it is the sole reason for their shiny, lustrous locks that look radiant and most importantly, healthy. Oil is the nutrition for your hair and the more you feed good things to your hair, the more it is going to appear healthy and shiny, and strong. Most commonly, we see mustard seed oil, coconut oil, or jojoba oil in our pantry that is used for this very purpose.


Alright, I don’t want to come here and point out how you’re showering wrong but there is a slight chance that you may be doing a few things that are not recommended.

1) Showering is good, there is no denying that but there is a concept of over showering and that is BAD. One healthy hair tip we’ve to offer you is don’t over-wash your hair. Your hair releases some natural oils that are essential for the overall health of your hair and washing your hair every day strips your hair off these essential oils and makes your hair vulnerable! For best results, shower twice or thrice a week maximum.
2) The temperature of water for your shower is important as well. Having the water too hot may seem relaxing but again, it strips your hair of its natural oils and is damaging for your hair. Having your water freezing cold is also bad for your blood vessels, hence it is not recommended. The best temperature of the water is lukewarm water.
3) Don’t Over shampoo either. You don’t need to empty an entire bottle of shampoo for your hair. Just use as directed for best results.
4) Don’t Massage your conditioner in your scalp. Conditioners are not meant for your roots and tend to weaken your hair.

5) After a shower, Don’t deal with your hair aggressively as in, don’t wring out water from your hair by toweling your hair excessively. This will cause your hair to tangle and thus they’re more likely to break off.

Hair Products

What you choose as your hair care product should be good for your hair and should address your hair concerns. For instance, if your primary concern is your hair falling off or breakage of hair or dry, dull hair, your shampoo should address your concerns to help you with those. Jenpharm has a range of Anagrow and Sebornil shampoo for different hair concerns.

If you suffer from dandruff and that’s what causing your hair to break off or weak hair, it is best to treat that and Jenpharm’s Sebornil shampoo containing piroctone olamine and salicylic acid is the best way to get rid of flakiness that settles in your scalp, so your hair appear healthy and shiny!

If you face hair fall, the telltale sign of weak hair, you need to address this issue. Jenpharm’s Anagrow shampoo and Anagrow Serum consisting of a miracle ingredient; anagain is best to treat this issue in every kind of hair. Anagain is proven to reduce hair fall by 78% without any side effects whatsoever! Use the serum daily and shampoo thrice a week for best results.


Other than topical nourishment (oiling and shampoo etc.) you need to nourish your hair from the core. And that can only be achieved by diet. A diet that is rich in omega 3- fatty acid, proteins, and good carbohydrates is a key to get good, shiny hair. Fish, leafy green vegetables, etc are the best for this purpose and they impart a lovely luster and shine to your hair.
However, if due to any reason, you can’t get everything from your diet, Jenpharm offers you a solution to that as well. Revivoderm supplements contain a perfect blend of all the minerals, vitamins, and essentials you need for good hair growth. It is, however, not a replacement for full fledge meals and we highly encourage you to take a good diet for the best results!

Hair cuts!

Bringing your hard work, AKA, your hair that you took so much effort to grow, under the knife or scissor is a painful, painful decision but it is an important one! Two-faced, dead-end hair halt your hair growth and make it appear unhealthy and weak. Make sure you get a good hair trim every few months to stay on top of your hair game and get beautiful, shining, and healthy hair!

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