5 reason why you may be losing hair


Did you ever come across someone who liked hair fall? Was happy about it in any way? Yeah, me neither. No matter what your race, ethnicity, gender, or religion is, we all hate hair fall from the depths of our hearts alike. Why? Well, why not? Losing hair is no fun because of many, many reasons.

Growing healthy, luscious hair is a struggle and no one wants to see their beautiful strands lying here and there as proof of their carbon footprint. Imagine running your hand through your hair and finding the carcass of a bunch of lifeless hair in your hand. Nightmare, I know.

Sadly, this nightmare is also a very relatable and real incident we all face at some point in our life. Therefore, it is very natural for all of us to seek hair fall solutions. So, if you’re someone who is coming to the grim realization of “Oh no! I am losing my hair”, this blog is for you because we might be able to tell you why you're facing this issue and what you can do about it. 


The first step to treat anything, no matter what it is, is the diagnosis of the problem and root cause analysis. Trying to solve a problem without knowing the core issue, is akin to an amateur shooting arrow blindly, hoping to get a bullseye. Hence this act yields little to no results and you end up wasting your time, resources, and energy without actually doing something about the problem.  

1) Stress

Stressing about exams or any work deadline? Also, noticing some serious hair fall? Uh oh! Stress is a major trigger factor for hair fall. So yes, it is a loop. Stress causes hair fall, and hair fall causes stress. This does sound like an endless pit of doom but it is not. There are many hair care products that can help you with this issue but there’s something that is much more effective than any medicine or therapy. It is the good old technique of staying happy! I know this is easier said than done but don’t stress about things that are beyond your control. Your exam will go well! You will be able to do your work by the deadline! Have confidence on yourself and go have a tall glass of water! Always remember, stress never does anything good to you but only adds an insult to the injury by causing excessive hair fall.

2) Diet

We’re what we eat. So if we take a balanced diet, we’ll appear healthy but if we take an unhealthy diet, it’ll show up on our body from head to toe. But what is a healthy balanced diet? Taking an equal portion of proteins, carbohydrates, and fats, along with consumption of all the essential vitamins and minerals is a balanced diet. So, if you’re not eating well and noticing some hair fall, this could be a big reason for your hair fall. It is crucial to take a balanced diet every day to get healthy, luscious hair that grows well. With today’s fast-paced life, where pre packaged food dominates life, it does, indeed, get a little difficult to take a balanced diet. But don’t get hopeless just yet.

Thanks to the marvelous feat of science, you can now get all the nutrients that you’re missing on. Jenpharm offers a great supplement for healthy hair, nails, and skin. Revivoderm provides a carefully curated blend of essential nutrients to help you with your hair loss problem. When your hair gets all its required vitamins and minerals, it’ll continue to grow beautifully. However, it is important to note that supplements are NOT a replacement for your meals and it is always recommended to take a proper meal to get the best results.

3) Genetics And Age

It is highly likely that your hair fall has nothing to do with you. So, you could be doing nothing wrong but still be a victim of excessive hair fall and that has only one answer, “it’s in your genetics.” Genetics have a big role in the defining texture and growth of your hair. Generally speaking, males are more prone to hair loss than females. By the age of 50, more than 85% of the males face thinning of hair around their crown and a prominent balding. Females also face this issue, where the balding is not that visible, but hair becomes thinner and there are several patches of visible scalp.

Whilst it is not medically dangerous, it is often disappointing for the majority of people. For this reason, people often seek the answer to the best medicine for hair growth in Pakistan. Minoxidil is one option but it is associated with several other side effects. A safe but extremely effective ingredient known to treat this condition is “Anagain”. Anagain is derived from the pea sprout and is known to show effective results in just three months by shortening the hair shedding phase of the hair cycle and prolonging the hair growth phase. Jenpharm has come to everyone’s aid and launched the best products to tackle hair loss. Anagrow serum and Anagrow shampoo work like a magic to treat your hair fall at any stage of life. With no side effects, these hair products are a holy grail for those who seek to combat hair fall and brittle, lifeless hair.

4) Over Styling

We know, and we understand how well-styled hair look. Perfectly bouncy hair that can be achieved with a great blow-dry, or dead straight hair, or curly locks that resemble those of a model you’ve seen in a magazine! While it is tempting to have such hairstyles every time, subjecting your hair to rigorous high temperatures regularly is not a good idea. This makes your hair weaker and they tend to fall out if excessive styling is done. Moreover, harsh hair sprays and hair gels for the setting of hair are not good for hair texture. They can make your hair brittle and dry and they tend to suck out luster from the hair. The only solution for this is to style your hair less frequently, use low heat for styling, and use heat protectant spray before styling! Moreover, oiling your hair before showers is always, always recommended.

5) Weight Loss

Often with the desire to lose weight, we also end up losing our hair which is a sad, sad thing but there is a medical explanation for all this. Weight loss is often achieved by a change in diet and a change in routine. This shift can cause alterations in your hormonal level, thereby, affecting your hair cycle. One of the most common weight-loss diets ‘Keto’ is reported to have hair loss as a significant side effect! Consult your nutritionist to get a supplement for hair and nails if needed!

There are, of course, many other factors that might cause hair loss but the most commonly reported factors are mentioned above. In case you notice abnormal hair loss, it is always a good idea to consult your dermatologist so they can look into the core issue and prescribe a medical intervention if needed!

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