A Three Step Clean Beauty Routine For Acne-Prone Skin

A Three Step Clean Beauty Routine For Acne Prone Skin.

Ever saw one of your favorite influencers or celebrity on the internet and caught yourself wondering, oh wow! How do they have such pretty, clear skin? How does their skin shine like dewdrops and not in a sticky, greasy, sheen kind of way our skin shines that we (dare I say) abhor? So what is different between their skin and ours? Are they born without any flaw? Well, the concise answer to your question is “No.” Alright, now you may be wondering that, if it is a ‘no’, how come their skin is so pretty and something we would define as “dreamy” whereas our skin is….well….plain skin with stuff like acne, scars, excessive sebum, pigmentation and what not? I again, have a simple, concise answer for you, “Skincare.”

Thankfully, the internet has bridged the gap between us and our favorite celebrities so we can actually see what their skincare routine is like, but oftentimes, their skincare routine is very unrealistic for us. Confused? I’ll help you. Our favorite celebrities and influencers are often seen maintaining a good 10-20 step skincare routine using products worth hundreds of dollars, and that is not only tedious and time-consuming, but it is also very expensive. But is it a dead end and totally hopeless scenario for you? No. So, If you’re wondering how to get clear skin without it costing me an arm and leg for it? You’ve come to the right place as I’ve just the right, simple, three-step beauty routine for your acne-prone skin!

In case you’re wondering about natural skincare for acne-prone skin, I’ll tell you that it exists. But does that mean it’ll be excellent since it is natural? Uh, no! Natural skincare ingredients may often be extremely comedogenic for your skin and the last thing your acne-prone skin needs is something that’ll choke your skin even further. So, we’ve compiled a list of products with the consultation of top dermatologists, that you can use for your acne-prone skin to get beautiful, flawless skin.


If you’re someone whose skin appears greasy without any product’s application after you wash your face, your skin is oily. Oily skin is generally more prone to acne since the oil clogs the pores and ends up in the form of acne (blackheads, whiteheads, pimples, pustules, etc.). So the main concerns for this skin type are,

1) Oil Control

2) Acne Control

3) Scar Removal


It is important to incorporate a good and efficient cleanser in your routine so you can wash away any of the dirt and prepare your skin for a nice skincare routine. Often acne is aggravated due to excessive grime on your face. It is important to have clean skin before you layer products on your skin because layering on products on top may not allow the ingredients to go deep inside your skin but they may be trapped on the top layer, further choking the skin. So, if you’re here to get answers regarding, “How to have clear skin?”, you’ll have to start with some nice cleansing steps.

Jenpharm’s MandelAC facewash is excellent for acne-prone skin. Just apply a tiny amount on your wet face and allow the magical ingredients to work their magic on your skin. PRO TIP: If your skin is a combination, it is better to apply the product on your oily zone first (usually T zones) and later on in the rest of the areas. This is done so the drier areas of your face will have a lesser interaction time with the product. MandelAC facewash contains 3% mandelic acid, so it is very gentle on the skin but works effectively to provide a pH to your skin on which bacteria can not survive, thus controlling acne. This gel-based cleanser doesn’t cause your skin to dry out your skin but controls the sebum effectively. This unique quality makes MandelAC facewash very suitable for every skin type.


As per some dermatologists, if there’s one skincare product one should use regardless of skin concern, age, or literally any factor, it’s the usage of sunscreen. You’ll not come across a single dermatologist who’ll tell you to skip sunscreen. It is that important. A sunscreen effectively shields you from harmful, harsh UV rays that have the potential to damage your skin. In worst-case scenarios, people end up getting skin cancer due to harsh UV rays. Other problems include sunburn, suntan, sun spots, pigmentation etc. Ingredients like zinc oxide and titanium dioxide etc are the most effective ingredients but they come with a big drawback and that is having a white cast they leave on your skin. This is why they are not user-friendly even though they’re the most effective.

Jenpharm’s spectra block SPF 60, Spectra Block Max SPF 100 are combination sunscreens that contain physical and chemical ingredients to help your skin fight the UV rays. But for acne-prone skin, Jenpharm launched it very special silicone-based formulation that has sebo micropores that soak the sebum and make the skin silky smooth, and matt. Spectra Matt SPF 40 contains all the powerful ingredients to protect the skin against harsh UV rays without choking the skin. Apply it on the exposed skin 15-20 mins before leaving the house and reapply after every 3 hours for best results.

MandelAC Serum

If your skin is normal or oily and not extra sensitive, your acne solution is MandelAC serum. This serum contains 20% mandelic acid which is the gentlest alpha hydroxy acid and allows the desquamation of your skin without damaging the barrier of your skin. This makes your skin look younger and free of any flaws since the top layer is peeled off. Since it is acidic In nature, mandelic acid doesn’t allow bacteria to stay on your skin. Though gentle in nature, it should be used with caution in case your skin is sensitive to alpha-hydroxy acids since they have the potential to burn the skin if used aggressively. Since it is drying by nature, it is recommended to use the product along with a good oil-free moisturizer to combat the issue of dryness.

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