The Benefits Of Massage During Winter Months

The benefits of massage during winter months

Have you ever experienced slight discomfort during winters? It can be your achy joints or tight muscles that flare up more when it’s cold. The harsh cold weather brings many kinds of aches and pains. This is mainly because the drop in temperature, changes our blood flow and dries the skin out. In winters, we are more prone to illness. Flu, cough, fever makes our body weak. Our water intake is usually low during cold months which makes the situation worse. If you also feel the pressure of cold weather undertaking your body, you immediately need to book a massage that will give you a much-needed mid-winter boost.

Benefits of Massage in Winters

If you want to keep your body and mind healthy and happy then you should consider having regular massages. Cold winds and low temperature easily causes body fatigue. It’s very hard to focus on your daily chores. Loading your body with coffee and chocolates causes an insulin spike that slows down your system more! To help shift your focus into more productivity, you need to walk in for a massage session. Entering a warm and inviting spa will make your body and mind calm and relaxed. So, three things you must do today are

1) Schedule a massage

2) Get a massage

3) Schedule your next massage

Here are a few perks that your body will enjoy after having regular massage sessions. Powers your immune system

As mentioned earlier, in winters our bodies are weak so this chilling season makes us more prone to diseases like catching a cold or flu. Massage has the ability to boost up your immune system and help your body in fighting against infections. Massage stimulates the lymph glands which are responsible to allow white blood cells to defend the body against infectious diseases. So, in short, developing a habit of getting massages on alternative weeks will drop your chances to develop a cold or have to rely on medications.

Moisturizes your body

Massage reduces skin tension by increasing the blood flow towards the skin. This gives your skin a natural healthy glow and improves the tone of your skin. Increased circulation nourishes and hydrates resulting in the enhanced texture of your skin. Nourishment through massage also regenerates skin and enables it to retain its moisture. Old skin cells are replaced with newer and healthier cells.

Reduces dry skin irritation

Due to cold temperature, low humidity, and indoor heating, it is very common for skin to become dehydrated. Dehydrated skin can cause severe irritation of the skin. Massage is one of the best ways to get rid of dehydrated skin. Massage therapists apply hydrating oils rich in vitamin E that penetrate deep into your skin and moisturize it completely. These oils not only moisturize but also forms a protective barrier to keep moisture locked in. A few regular massage sessions can help you get rid of skin itching permanently.

Improves circulation

During winters, you might suffer from high blood pressure and low blood circulation. It is because the blood vessels constrict in cold weather. This constriction leads to body and muscle aches. Massage therapy improves and encourages the blood flow to joints and muscles resulting in a painless and relaxed body.

Improves your mental health

The majority of us get depressed during winters and struggle a lot with random winter blues mood swings. In medical terms, another name for winter blues is seasonal affective depression. It is very easy to feel down during cold months but the point is what can you do to feel like yourself again? Book a massage appointment. That’s right! One of the main benefits of massage is that it improves your mental health as it helps you to relax and reduce stress levels. When you are relaxed, the body releases serotonin and endorphin which are the happiness hormones. These hormones increase the feeling of happiness. Having regular massage sessions keeps the winter blues away so you can do better in coping with the stress.

Massage for anti-aging

Winter stress can wreak havoc on your skin that makes you look and feel down. Dehydrated skin and stress increase wrinkles formation. Massage releases tension in the skin and relaxes the muscles which improves the appearance of the skin. It also supports the skin’s resistance to infections and diseases. Massage leaves your skin feeling smoother and looking younger. Always remember that you are never too old to become younger.

Tighten the skin

After pregnancy or drastic weight loss, the skin loses its elasticity. Massage helps you in achieving your previous skin by helping the skin cells to regenerate. Massage allows nutrients to replenish tired and stretched skin. For example; stretch marks are healed easily if the dead skin cells are removed and the new open pores allowed the skin to breathe. With the process of skin cell regeneration, you will notice improved skin tone and your stretch marks will be reduced. There are so many benefits of massage in winter. Many of us want to stay productive but the seasonal changes become slightly challenging. Booking in for regular massages will keep you in optimum health. It will not only protect you from winter germs but will also improve your mental health and productivity. Also, if you want to look and feel better and slay your winter outfits with healthier skin, consider giving it a go. Stay warm and look after your health. All combined benefits of a body massage will give you an overall state of wellbeing. Practice a self-love routine by taking out time for your massage appointment and get a youthful and healthy body.

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