Get Trendy Hair This Winter

Get Trendy Hair This Winter

Baby, it’s dry outside and so are these ends! Who doesn’t love early sunsets, warm tea, a big sweater, and messy hair? Well for messy hair, most of us would say no! we love the rest but are really tired of the winter effects on hair. Some face extreme hair fall, others face severe dandruff. All this is because when winters start, the majority of us start ignoring our hair care routine. Our hair needs extra care in winters. Do you know that out of all people who follow winter skincare, only 30% of them include hair in their winter care routine too? Hair is the most ignored part of the winter routine. If you live somewhere where harsh winter occurs, then you should be aware of the winter effects on hair. Just like skin, our hair also needs protection from cold and dry weather to remain soft and healthy. Protect your hair from cold winds and indoor heat if you want to rock a spring look as It is okay to be a little obsessed with your hair!

It’s winter hair time!

We will share some hair care tips with which you will know how to take care of your hair at home. If you want to keep your hair in great shape even when it’s freezing outside. Then follow these tips:

1) Keep it under your hat

How a hat makes your hair feel is what hat is all about! It is very important to cover your hair to shield the moisture in them. The winter elements (dry hair, snow, wind, rain) turn your hair dry which makes them more prone to breakage. Make sure that you are wearing a silk or satin hat to prevent damage as wool and cotton cause hair to break out as well. You can also use a dry oil spray as dry oil is weightless and it contains natural oil that moisturizes hair and makes them shiny.

2) Buy a humidifier

Surprisingly, a humidifier is a way to fight dry hair in the winters. indoor heating makes the air drier which eventually pulls out the moisture from your hair. A humidifier helps to keep more moisture in the air during harsh winter months which stops your hair from drying out too fast.

3) Get regular trims

Trimming hair is extremely beneficial for hair no matter what the weather is. However, in winters, hair ends become extremely dry and brittle. It is because of dry air as well as taking bath with hot water too. Hair becomes dry and brittle which leads to breakage and split ends. Trimming hair every 5 to 6 weeks is one of the best ways to maintain hair health and keep them looking fresh. Cut down a half-inch of the bottom to reduce the chances of developing dry split ends.

4) Take warm baths instead of hot baths

When the temperature is below freezing, a steamy bath is what you might be looking but hot water strips natural oils and moisture off your hair which leads to breakage and frizz. Washing hair with lukewarm water and a cold rinse can really help in retaining the moisture in your hair.

5) Make oiling your best friend

As winters weaken your hair. You can restore your hair moisture with an oiling hair treatment. Choose any lightweight formula with argan oil as it will revitalize your dry, damaged hair in no time. Also, apply any nourishing hair oil at the end to protect moisture and save them from going dead.

6) Say goodbye to dandruff

Dandruff does not come after seeking valid permission but we can control and prevent it for sure. Use an anti-dandruff shampoo like Sebornil shampoo for example. It is a cleanser for the scalp which stops and prevents dandruff. It reduces the formation of scales and flakes. The best thing about sebornil is that it has a conditioner that protects hair and scalp from damaging while other anti-dandruff shampoos make your hair extremely dry and damaged.

7) Condition or serum is a must

If you are tired of your dry hair and can’t keep your hands off styling rods, then conditioning is a must for you! use a good quality leave-in conditioner that will deeply nourish your hair and combat the effects of hot styling tools, cold winds, and indoor heating. You can also use any good-quality serum to avoid hair fall like Jenpharm’s Anagrow serum work magically to restore your hair. You can also use anagrow shampoo to double to action and see maximum results in less time.

8) Avoid frequent baths

It is highly recommended to not take more than 3 baths in a week especially in winters when you are showering with warm or hot water so if you are someone who washes their hair every day, it’s time to switch things up. Over-washing your hair will steal the natural oils and moisture of your hair. This is really bad especially when you need extra oil and moisture in winters. If your hair turns oily soon, you can invest in a dry shampoo. It absorbs excess oil, saves time, and keeps hair healthy which makes your hair smell good and they look fresh.

9) Don’t leave the house with wet hair

Wet hair has the tendency of more breakage than dry hair. Going outdoor with a wet head causes hair to freeze and break. It’s better to blow dry your hair with a cold setting to avoid unnecessary breakage.

10) Avoid heat appliances

You should let your hair dry naturally instead of blow-drying them. Blow drying draws the moisture out of your hair that increases the chance of breakage. You can also use the cold setting of the blow dryer if you are short on time. On the other hand, you can take shower in the evening so that they can dry overnight naturally. Avoid using excessive heating tools like straighteners and curling rods on hair. You can go towards non-heating hairstyles like Twist, braids, and buns.If you want to slay hair look in all seasons, you need to put an extra effort into your hair according to seasonal changes and follow these hair health tips. Just with a little extra effort, you can keep your hair hydrated and fresh this winter season and they will be all ready to slay in the fall season because after all you can’t get dressed without good hair!

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