Teenage Acne And Its Dermatologically Approved Solution

Teenage Acne And Its Dermatologically Approved Solution

Teenage, huh? The age where you experience everything new under the sun. Puberty? Check. Hormonal changes? Check. Acne? Check. Yes, acne, unfortunately, makes an appearance as we grow up. It does seem like there’s no escaping these little eruptions on your skin, but there is. And we, at Jenpharm, with the help of several renowned dermatologists, are here to guide you through the process. 

So, what exactly is acne? Acne is basically your hair follicles getting trapped with oils and dead cells. So, these are clogged pores that present themselves as whiteheads, blackheads, pustules, or nodules. While they’re not medically problematic, they do shake a person’s confidence and impact their self-image. Moreover, acne can leave behind its marks (acne scars). In some cases, the pustules/nodular acne is also painful to touch and requires medical intervention (Oral or/and topical medications). 

There are numerous factors as to why acne appears or flares up. Climate, Genes, Lifestyle, Stress, and a lot more unseen factors are associated with acne. Generally, in the summer season, people get the most acne since their skin is oily and acne-prone in summers. More oil means more clogged pores and that is the recipe for acne. Moreover, slathering heavily oil-based products on your skin may also clog your pores. Eating fried, unhealthy food also causes more acne because they alter the natural mechanism of your body and it ends up producing excessive sebum that can cause acne. 



Some over-the-counter topical ointments/creams etc work very well to treat acne. The compounds such as Benzoyl Peroxide and salicylic acid work effectively against any pimples and pustules that form on your skin because they kill the bacteria on the surface of the skin, help to reduce inflammation and scarring. Moreover, it shrinks the oil glands to some extent, therefore, reducing the blockage of the pores. Salicylic acid works by its exfoliating mechanism as it removes all the debris on the skin. They’re one of the most common teenage acne treatments that work. 


A dermatologist may prescribe a course of oral antibiotics with a concurrent therapy of topical products to help with more stubborn acne that teenagers may get due to their hormonal imbalance or any other factor.
Note: Oral antibiotics SHOULD ONLY BE taken as per the recommendation of a certified dermatologist if they deem it fit as an acne treatment for teens. 


In this day and age, people know how makeup enhances their look and may make them more confident but the actual thing that makes a difference in your skin. If you’ve got healthy skin, your makeup will look flawless and it will sit nicely on your skin, making you feel more confident. If your skin is unhealthy, there isn’t a lot that any makeup product can do.

Since acne is one of the biggest confidence shakers at all ages, Jenpharm has got you covered for all your concerns with their ANTI-ACNE BUNDLE. Consisting of Mandelac Face Wash, Mandelac Serum, and Spectra Matt SPF 40, this powerful blend works like a charm to eliminate acne and gives you beautiful, fresher, baby-like skin.

Mandelic acid is derived from bitter almonds and it is one of the gentle AHA that also happens to be most effective. Due to its gentle nature, mandelic acid is non-irritating. Thus, this bundle is the best skin care treatment for teenage acne. Spectra Matt SPF 40 gives you a nice, silky matt finish whilst offering broad-spectrum protection from harmful UV rays, thereby preventing any skin burns or pigmentation. 


One of the most effective acne treatments for teens are retinoids but they should be used strictly If your dermatologist suggests them for you. Owing to their nature, they pose several health risks associated with their usage, especially in females. Retinoids can be applied topically or they can be consumed orally and they help with shrinking the oil glands, thus preventing acne formation. Retinoids are usually used as a last resort treatment for acne.


For acne-prone skin, it is important to use products that allow your skin to breathe and don’t choke it. As in, the products should be non-comedogenic, be it skincare products or makeup products, they shouldn’t clog the pores. When the pores are clogged, acne is formed. Water-based products are great for this purpose because they don’t cause any blockades. Jenpharm has got a great range of non-comedogenic, skincare products that are just perfect for teens to use. 


Yes, I know we get desperate to get rid of the acne as soon as possible. And when someone tells us that there lies a solution in your kitchen cabinets or your pantry, we all jump to try it out but wait! Here’s the thing, it’s not accurate nor is it the solution to your acne. Certain ingredients such as lemon juice, tomatoes are advertised as the best treatments for acne and skin brightening but they’re extremely harsh and a lot could go wrong with the usage of such ingredients directly on your skin. Therefore, it is recommended to consult your dermatologist before you venture down the path of DIY masks or ask them for the best teenage acne products. Also, under any circumstances, DO NOT apply toothpaste to your active acne because it harms your skin. 


While it may seem satisfying and you could be dying to pop your zits and pimples, you shouldn’t do that because,
1) It pushes the grime deeper into the pores.
2)Makes the blemishes worse.
3)Increases the chance of acne scar formation.
4)May result in post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. 

While the presence of acne is not desirable by any means, It doesn't define who you’re or doesn’t compromise your beauty. We, atJenpharm, are always here to guide you and help you through your skincare needs. Have a happy skincare routine! 

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