The season of summer brings many challenging things with it. Sure, there is a lot of sunshine and breezy evenings and the air seems to be chirpier as opposed to the gloomy vibes winters bring. But however challenging
a summer can be for your skin, you don’t have to worry about a thing because we got you covered and we’ll tell you everything you need to know about your summer skincare routine.

Generally, in summer, our skin gets extra exposure to the
sun and gets tan, moreover, humid weather makes it sticky and sweaty. What you need in summers is essential hydration so your skin looks young and fresh, sebum control so it doesn’t look like you just took a bath in river sweat. Moreover, you need something in your skincare routine that’ll impart a lovely glow to your skin and remove the uneven hyperpigmentation you often get in the summer season.

Ideally, your summer skin care routine should have lightweight but power-packed ingredients that rejuvenate your skin and make it OH-SO-AMAZING. The best ingredients for this are hyaluronic acid that provides your skin with a great boost of hydration. I hope you’re already well aware of how important sunscreen is all year round but in case you don’t, well, a general rule of thumb in skincare is to NEVER, and I repeat, NEVER skip your sunscreen, no matter what.

Here is your detailed guide!

Cleanse Your Skin

The foundation of your skincare routine is cleansing. Once you get this part correct, you can build up a nice, nice skincare routine as you wish or as your skin desires. It is important to clean all the grime and dirt from your face and in summer, there is often excessive sweat on the face that gives your skin a very bad feeling and makes it appear tired, dull, and lifeless. So what you need for this is an amazing cleanser that refreshes your skin, takes away all the tan that spreads unevenly on your skin, and makes it fresh like a daisy! Jenpharm’s Maxdif skin brightening face wash, as the name implies, contains all the ingredients to brighten up the entire look! Wash your face twice daily for maximum results and see your face glow like a dewdrop! If you’re someone who struggles with oil on their skin and feels like there lies an endless reservoir of oil beneath their skin that keeps on leaking yet it is nowhere near its ending point, you, my dear, are not totally doomed. We understand your pain and we came up with a specially curated formulation that’ll suit even the sensitive skin people! Jenpharm’s MandelAC cleanser with 3% mandelic acid and vitamin E would not only control the sebum on your face, but it’ll be gentle enough so it won’t irritate your skin. This facewash is designed especially for oily skin people who find it extremely hard to find a good face wash that will not strip their skin raw!

Exfoliating Serum

One thing you can do a lot in summer is exfoliation! And when I say a lot, I don’t mean you should exfoliate every day with aggressive exfoliants because over-exfoliation is a thing and it is not something you should choose for your skin and I can write a journal on how dangerous it is for your skin but today is not about that! Since you desire some oil control in the summer season so it won’t clog your pores hence you won’t get pimples popping right and left like popcorns in a theater. One way to achieve that is through Alpha hydroxy acids which by nature are exfoliants and are extremely effective. They do come in various concentrations and one gets to choose which one they want but it is always a good idea to start with a milder acid for beginners. Mandelic acid is the gentlest of the AHA family and is usually tolerated well by the majority of people! Jenpharm’s MandelAC serum is the bottle of exfoliating elixir for everyone since it is mild but effective with its 20% concentration of mandelic acid. Apply the serum as directed but the best part of this serum is that you don’t have to stick to the books, you can adjust the frequency, duration, and quantity as per your skin and tadaa, a customized step of exfoliation for your skin! Also, since this serum is acid-based serum and it has low pH, it doesn’t allow the bacteria and other microorganisms to thrive on your skin therefore you can wave goodbye to the acne and acne scars on your skin so what are you waiting for now?

Moisturize Your Skin

I am here to debunk a that a wide majority of people believe in! A popular belief that a moisturizer is something you should use only in the winter season, is wrong! Your skin needs its hydration every month of the year and you should never skip moisturization. What you can do is switch your moisturizers every summer and winter. A summer moisturizer should be light as a feather and it shouldn’t choke your skin but it should flush your skin with a good dose of hydration. Jenpharm’s Dermive Oil-free moisturizer is a water-based moisturizer containing the best ingredients such as hyaluronic acid and ceramides so they won’t choke your skin and clog your pores but they do make your skin extremely hydrated, youthful, and plump! Moreover, if you’re exfoliating in the summer season, it would be a skincare crime to skip a moisturizer.


If you’re skipping your sunscreen but still have a 13 step skincare routine, believe me, you’re doing it wrong and it won’t be effective. A sunscreen, also known as a sunblock, is something that prevents the harsh effects of UV rays on your skin. UV rays can make your skin ultra-sensitive, can cause various skin conditions such as melasma, sunspots, and even in worse case scenarios, skin cancer. A sunscreen is how you can avoid this mess. Jenpharm’s Spectra Matt SPF 40 is specially designed sunscreen with Sebo-micropores technology that can absorb your sebum, leaving behind a silky matt finish on your skin that won’t feel sticky, greasy, and irritating. This sunscreen, with its amazing finish is something you need this summer to fight the sun rays without it feeling like a hassle!  

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