Rejuvenate your skin – from the inside out!

Rejuvenate your skin – from the inside out!

You might have heard the famous expression “Happiness is an inside job”. Just like that healthy skin also starts from within. Many dermatologists have declared a direct connection between health and beautiful skin. the better your health is, the better your skin will be which means healthy skin is a reflection of overall wellness. It doesn’t mean skincare is not important. It is very important but you also need to pay more attention to your internal health. If your health is good, you will need fewer external treatments.

Beauty is being the best possible version of yourself on the inside and out.

Rejuvenate your skin with these easy steps

Water is your best friend

All the organs (including skin) need water to work. If you are not fulfilling the water requirement of your body, the chances are that you will see dehydration in your skin. dehydrated skin looks dull, becomes tight and flaky, and loses its elasticity. The lack of elasticity makes the skin more prone to wrinkles. So if you are looking for the answer to “how to get glowing skin naturally”, water is the answer. You don’t have to worry about your skin if you are drinking enough water.

Stress relief

Ever noticed an acne breakout or rash when you are overwhelmed or stressed? If yes, then let me tell you the reason. Stress triggers these conditions so relieving stress is very important for every part of the body especially the skin. Here are few steps which can help you relieve stress:

1) Get enough sleep

2) Exercise more often

3) Try meditation

4) Take time for yourself

5) Eat healthy food

Whole foods

Your diet not only impacts your weight but also has a dense impact on every part of the body. Nutrition and diet play an essential role in helping the body ward off any illness and boost your energy levels. Whole unprocessed foods have a high amount of vitamins and minerals, such as collagen, vitamin C, and omega-3 fatty acids which help to repair and restore damaged skin cells. If you have a natural diet, your skin will remain healthy and young for a longer time.

Substitute processed sugars with natural sugars

Processed sugars and simple carbohydrates trigger an insulin spike that causes inflammation in the body. If your body craves a lot of sugars, it’s time to trick your taste buds and benefit your body, especially your skin. Fruits contain fibers and water that keep your skin hydrated and nourished.

Don’t give up chocolate

You may have to cut down your sugar intake but you can make dark chocolate a part of your life. Cocoa in chocolate has a hydrating effect on the skin. it also improves the elasticity of the skin. You can also apply it directly to your face as the caffeine in chocolate will temporarily reduce any inflammation or swelling.

Drink green tea

If you really want to promote healthy skin, then it’s time you make green tea a part of your daily routine. Green tea is bulked up with many antioxidants which combat inflammation. A lot of people saw reduced puffiness and blemishes after consuming green tea just for 2 weeks. After consuming the tea, you can empty the contents of the tea bag into a cup, mix honey in it and apply it on your face. Leave the product on for 15 minutes and rinse afterward.

Note: Add a few drops of orange or grapefruit juice to your green tea. It will keep antioxidants in your body longer.


Exercise keeps the skin elastic and young. Research has shown that people of age 40 and older who exercised resembled skin like that of a 20 or 30 years old. Workout increases blood flow and improves circulation. A good sweat from a workout session is like a free mini-facial. When body sweats, your pores dilate as excretes dirt and oil.

Take your vitamins

Vitamins are essential for a stronger immune system and overall health. Vitamins also help with the skin’s appearance. If you eat right and use certain vitamins, you may stop and prevent premature aging. Vitamin A, C, and E are proven best in terms of skincare.

Vitamin A also known as retinol, removed excessive oil and promotes cell regeneration. Vitamin A is commonly found in oranges, sweet potatoes, and carrots.

Vitamin C being an antioxidant helps to build collagen and repair tissue growth. You can find vitamin C in broccoli, bell peppers, and kale.

Vitamin E another antioxidant prevents skin cells from premature aging and regulates vitamin A levels. The best sources for Vitamin E are almonds, avocado, sunflower seeds.

Additional tips for glowing skin

In this section, we will recommend some skincare products that will not only treat your face temporarily but also will fix up your skincare concern. We will also share some beauty tips for skin whitening. For starters, you need to exfoliate your skin at least once a week. Use cold rose water on the skin to minimize pores. Get enough sleep and always wear moisturizer. If you have dry skin, then you need to treat yourself with DermiVe oily moisturizer. It’s the best body lotion for glowing skin and will nourish your skin deeply. Also, want a cream for your hyperpigmented and uneven skin tone? Maxdif skin brightening cream should be your first choice. It is the best cream for face glow and bright complexion.

Once you have incorporated the mentioned tips in your skincare routine, you will notice a great difference in your skin’s health. Always remember that your skin’s health starts from inside. Your lifestyle choices especially the food you eat and your water intake do a lot for your skin. if you don’t want to neglect your skin, you have to do a favor for your skin. don’t only work to improve the appearance but also take care of the vitality from the inside out.

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