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Face oils have been gaining popularity in recent years, with a range of products and different types of oils on the market. It can be confusing to know which face oil you should be using and when – after all, for a long time oil-free skincare was said to be best for your skin. Now that this myth has been busted, it’s hard to figure out which step of your skincare routine a face oil should slot into and which type is best. We’ve got a quick breakdown for you !

More than one type of oil

It’s important to distinguish which type of oil should be used when. Some people opt to use a face oil during the cleansing step of their routine as part of a double cleanse, also known as an oil cleanse. Cleansing face oils are a great first step at removing make up without stripping moisture from your skin. Using a small amount of face oil, a little bit of warm water and a damp washcloth, you can gently wash off the day’s impurities from your face as the first part of your cleansing. Followed with a complementary cleanser that’s not too abrasive, your skin will have cleaner pores once the double cleanse works to remove dead skin, makeup and other nasties.

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