Everything you need to know about Mandelac Serum

Every thing you need to know about Mandelac Serum

Dear acne, if you want to live on my face then at least give me some rent. This one line justifies almost everyone’s feelings. Many of us take dozens of trips to dermatologists to discover a way that will work out for our skin and help us in getting rid of acne. We all get pimples! Dealing with acne can be different for every other individual as super sensitive skin can be allergic to many products out there. If you really want to see a difference in your skin, you should only trust science-backed products which are dermatologically recommended and tested.

What is Mandelac Serum?

Mandelac serum is made up of 20% mandelic acid. Mandelic acid is derived from bitter almonds and is the most commonly used AHA to treat acne.

What is mandelac serum used for?

Mandelac serum offers significant improvement in comedonal and pustular acne. Anti-bacterial and exfoliatory activity of mandelic acid makes it ideal to treat Melasma, Hyperpigmentation, Acne scars. The collagen strengthening properties of mandelac serum decrease the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Mandelac serum benefits Say good-bye to acne

One of the main mandelac serum uses is to clear up acne as it’s formulation is ideal to reduce acne and fill up acne scars. The mandelic acid in serum has a larger molecular size than other AHAs. Large molecular size means it doesn’t penetrate deep into your skin which is why it is gentler than many other acids. If you have sensitive acne-prone skin, you won’t really have any issues with mandelac serum.

No more discoloration

Mandelic acid fades up dark spots on your skin as it has lightening properties. Studies have shown that mandelac serum reduces 60% of hyperpigmentation within 4 weeks. The serum has other ingredients along with mandelic acid to speed up the results.

No more aging signs

Mandelac serum is a chemical peel with a 20% concentration of mandelic acid. It helps in enhancing the collagen production in the skin which results in reduced wrinkles and fine lines. After using mandelac serum for 4 weeks, your skin will become more vibrant with a youthful glow.

Achieve bright complexion

Mandelac serum removes dead skin cells from the skin which helps in improving the overall appearance of the skin. Results may vary from person to person but almost everyone notices a difference in their complexion after a couple of weeks.

How to use mandelac serum?

Mandelac serum can be used every other night or for 2 hours max until your skin adjusts to it. You can increase the frequency to once daily. As it is an exfoliant, apply it gently on the skin to avoid any damage.

Tips to use mandelac serum safely

1) Start slow

2) Limit use till skin adjusts to it

3) Do not rub mandelac serum on your face

4) Moisturize well

5) Wear SPF

6) Speak to your doctor or any customer care representative if you have questions about mandelac serum.

Product reviews

Mandelac serum price

Mandelac serum can easily be found in medical stores and online as well. It comes at a price of PKR 998 which makes it a pocket-friendly solution for acne and marks.

Queries Is Mandelac serum good for the face?

Yes, it is. Mandelac serum is made of 20% mandelic acid which is one of the gentlest and most beneficial AHA. It helps with acne, skin texture, effects of aging, and hyperpigmentation.

How long does it take for mandelac serum to work?

You can see smoother skin within few days of using mandelac serum. Meanwhile, breakouts are reduced after using the product for 2 weeks at least and dark spots will begin to fade after 3 weeks of using the serum.

Can I use mandelac serum every day?

It completely depends on how your skin reacts to AHAs. If you have very sensitive skin it is better to use it 3-4 times a week.

What can you not mix with mandelac serum?

Don’t use mandelac serum with other AHAs, peels, retinols or retinoids as mandelac serum exfoliates skin and using these ingredients additionally can damage your skin and increase sun sensitivity of it.

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