Everything you need to know about Anagrow Serum

Everything you need to know about Anagrow Hair Serum

If you want perfect and gorgeous hair but have no idea about where to start your good-hair journey, then don’t worry we got you covered. Whether you want thick hair or long hair, want shine in your dull hair, or want to make them stronger, Anagrow hair serum is your savior. If you are confused about what anagrow serum really is then this blog right here is what you need the most. You will be really thankful to yourself for giving it a read.

The hair growth cycle:

Hair growth cycle has 3 following phases:

1) Anagen phase: This phase lasts 3 to 5 years. This is the phase where your hair grows. Almost 90% of your hair is in a growing phase.

2) Catagen phase: This phase lasts for 3 weeks. It is the transitional stage where hair growth stops and follicles shrink.

3) Telogen phase: This phase lasts up to 4 months and is also known as the resting phase of hair. After the telogen stage, the hair enters again into the anagen phase.

What is Anagrow Hair Serum?

Anagrow hair serum is a hair growth serum that is a composition of natural substances derived from organic pea which results in stimulating hair growth at the root level, prolonging the life cycle of hair and making them thick.

What is Anagrow Hair Serum used for?

Anagrow hair serum is used to strengthen and regenerate weakened hair. It helps with hair fall, bald patches, and receding hairline. Anagrow hair serum also boosts cellular metabolism and reinforces your hair fiber, making it stronger, thicker, and denser.

Anagrow Hair Serum benefits:

No more hair fall

Anagrow hair serum has an active ingredient anaGain which has natural powers to fight hair loss and stimulate hair growth. The ingredients shorten the resting period (telogen phase) and prolong the anagen phase which results in less to almost no hair fall.

Fills up bald patches

A 3-month long clinical study about anagrow hair serum found that it extends hair life cycle and boosts re-growth. It also enhances the hair follicles to grow new hair.

Prolongs hair life cycle

As hair fall almost stops and new nourished hair grows, the hair life cycle is increased and you get stronger, fuller, and thicker hair.

How to use Anagrow Hair Serum?

You can apply 4 to 6 pumps (adjust according to your hair length and thickness) and massage it throughout from root to tip with the help of fingertips. Do not rinse out. Style your hair as normal.

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