Doing Makeup In Winters Is Hard

Doing Makeup In Winters Is Hard

Winter is in full swing, and if you love makeup as much as we do, you know that this isn't exactly an easy season for us. Uncertain of what we are discussing? We'd like to give you a heads-up. Throughout this frigid season, you will have to deal with beauty issues including patchy foundation, cakey blush, and worst of all, cracked lipstick. When it comes to makeup, winter is hardly the nicest of seasons. It worsens your skin problems, making beautiful makeup seem like a far-off dream.Β 

No matter how many makeup looks or cosmetic tricks we do, if we don't first take care of our skin, it won't look good. But once we master it, our beauty advice will always work. Here's how we stay radiant and maintain smooth skin, regardless of how chilly it may be outside.

Cleanse well:

Before applying makeup and as the first step in any skincare routine, cleansing with a good face wash is recommended. All contaminants, oils, and dirt are eliminated from the skin's surface by cleansing. The best approach to wash your face is with lukewarm water. Use a gentle face cleanser that is suitable for your skin type.Β 

Product suggestion: DermiVe hydrating face wash is the best face wash in Pakistan.

Moisturize well:

Two extremely significant things that face moisturizer does are: firstly, it smoothes the skin's surface to make it easier to apply foundation or concealer evenly, and it may even make makeup last longer. Secondly, moisturizing your skin under makeup will make it appear less lifeless. If you apply foundation to dry skin, it will look cakey.

Product suggestion: DermiVe sensitive moisturizer is the best face moisturizer in Pakistan. DermiVe oily is the best moisturizer for oily skin.Β 

Apply SPF:

Spectrum sunblock really gives a better base for applying makeup therefore you should wear sunscreen underneath your foundation. Give your sun protection time to fully absorb and wait a few minutes before applying foundation. Sunscreen should therefore be used before makeup in your morning regimen.

Product suggestion: Spectra block sunblock 60 is all you need to protect your skin from harmful UV rays in winters.

Don’t skip primer:

Primers make your foundation look flawless by forming a barrier between your skin and foundation. Fine lines and wrinkles, open pores, dry patches, uneven skin tone, and spots are all smoothed out by it. Additionally, it reduces shine, prevents foundation from running, and extends the wear time of your makeup.

Apply foundation:

A wonderful method to achieve flawless foundation is by increasing coverage precisely where it is required. Avoiding thick, dry foundations that accentuate the skin's winter dryness and texture is a good idea. We prefer cream foundation in the winter to anything that is dry or powdered. Start applying our solution in the regions that require the most coverage. Foundation glides into the skin for any makeup look and floats all day long with a soft focus and satin finish.

Use creamy blush:

Blush products often fall into one of these three families: cream, liquid, or balm. The emollient texture of cream and balm-like products is excellent for dry winter skin because it blends easily and doesn't increase dryness. The cream will apply more easily and dissolve into the skin. You can mix powdered blush with any moisturizing cream to create your DIY creamy blush!

Long-lasting lips:

Although lip glosses are definitely in style right now, they have a significant flaw in that they don't last very long. What's worse is that they can leave the lips looking like a peeling, gooey mess in dry weather. We always make sure to prepare and prime our lips before using any of our beauty tips to ensure a smooth, luscious lip that lasts. Use a sugar scrub or rough cloth to exfoliate the lips once a week or as needed, and follow up by applying a moisturizing lip balm to prevent cold sores or flaky lips. You can apply any lipstick shade on top to achieve perfect flawless lips.


When it comes to creating long lasting makeup looks, winter skin care routine is definitely a game changer. The impact of the colder weather on your skin might be unpredictable, but by including these winter makeup tips into your normal beauty routine, you'll be prepared. Your makeup will appear perfect, gorgeous, and natural.

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