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Who we are

We at Jenpharm, as a team, have more than 30 years of cumulative experience in developing and marketing products of dermatology & cosmetology. We also have the competitive edge of having previously worked together as a team. We carry a common mission, purpose and values. We have commitment to quality, excellence, integrity, and respect for the customers we serve. Our products and packaging are bench-marked with the best in international markets; we are selecting the best suppliers, vendors and development partners. Since its establishment, Jenpharm has maintained highest standards and therefore emerged as one of the big players in the dermatology market of Pakistan. Most importantly, we understand that satisfying our customers’ needs is the critical success factor to value creation. Therefore in all our operations, the customers will always be top of mind which is one of our most important commitments.

Azhar Hussain (CEO)

The times are changing and people are becoming busier than they used to be which means more exposure to UV rays and harmful impacts on the skin of our people. It is one of the important needs of today to make affordable, high quality and easy application skin care products accessible to our people for effective, swift and lasting results. With this need in our mind we select the best human resources and motivate them to become the pillars of Jenpharm and build a strong building which enables our people to achieve healthier skin.

Hassan Askari (MD)

Innovation and excellence is at the center of everything that we do. Our strong track record and unparalleled commitment have earned us lasting relationships with our stakeholders. With highly effective resource management and International standard operating procedures, we have achieved phenomenal success in the short stint of five years. We are committed to our purpose and are motivated to improve by every passing day by extending our product range and aiming for global reach.

Our Team

Naveed Shehzad
Sales Manager Central Region
Amer Waseem
Sales Manager North Region
Farrukh Rehman
Sales Manager South Region

As we grow, we have instilled the culture of support, knowledge-sharing and leadership amongst our team. Every member of Jenpharm is not only a leader in words but shows exceptional leadership traits in their everyday working. The team’s dedication towards our core values of Quality, Innovation, Social Responsibility, Integrity, Respect and Customer Focus has earned them highest praise in the industry. This has enabled us to share great moments of happiness and learning with our Jenpharm family both within Pakistan and abroad which serves our idea of being a “Great place to work”. We are growing every day and aim to become a bigger, happier and united family under the umbrella of Jenpharm.