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Hair care is all you need!

After the long hot summer arrives the monsoon season refreshes us, makes us feel alive, and brings relief from the scorching heat of the summer season. We all love the rainy season. The scenery around us looks so enchanting. The beautiful view while lying in bed looks more perfect with our favorite snacks around.Β  However, this is also the season in which your body needs some extra care. You probably take excellent care of your body and skin, but the hair is often, most neglected. In short, monsoon hair care is essential!

Right after the monsoon season is over, the temperature is slightly warm and the weather is dry. This makes our hair dry. This awakes the major concern for almost everyone, β€œhair fall”. Sun exposure, pollution, dust, all make hair dry and brittle. This hair loss also happens due to seasonal transitions but with a hair care routine and a proper diet, one can easily control hair thinning. We are mentioning a few tips that will help you achieve a frizz-free monsoon.

Good hair day, everyday!

Protect your hair from rainwater:

One of the most useful hair care tips is to protect your hair and scalp from getting wet in rain. Rainwater makes your hair dry so if you want to enjoy the rain, it is better to take bath immediately afterward to avoid your hair getting brittle and dry. Basically, rainwater disturbs the pH balance of your scalp which makes bacteria and fungi breed. Also, the follicles become more sensitive and your roots swell up causing hair to fall.

Use microfiber towel:

Microfiber towels are considered the best towels that your can use for your hair. There are many benefits of using a microfiber towel. For example: a Microfiber towel absorbs just the right amount of water which keeps your hair locks the moisture they need! It also reduces the frizz and allows the hair to dry gently. You face less breakage of hair so it eventually reduces hair fall!

Use a good quality dry shampoo

Whether the humidity or rain, everyday exposure leads to the scalp getting damp and greasy which can lead to discomfort, itching, and a lot of hair frizz. To keep such problems away, use the help of dry shampoo. Keep it 6 inches away from the scalp skin. Spray it onto the roots a give yourself a quick massage for 20-30 seconds so the product is distributed evenly in all hair. Dry shampoos effectively absorb the excess oils from the scalp and immediately freshen up your hair. Dry shampoo with good nutrients in it can be a treatment for hair loss.

Apply coconut oil:

If you are looking for cheapest hair fall treatment, oiling is the one! Many experts suggest that oiling becomes essential during the monsoon season and it is essential to maintain its growth and prevent any damage. Oiling adds moisture and shine to the hair and replenishes lost vitamins and minerals. Coconut oil stimulates blood flow to the scalp. It is packed with antioxidants and antibacterial properties as well as it has many nutrients that are essential for a healthy scalp. It is ideal to use coconut oil and massage it well in scalps at least twice a week especially in monsoon when your hair needs extra care!

Hair masks are the real heroes

The key to keeping your hair shiny in harsh weather conditions actually lies in simple ingredients from your kitchen. Make a quick hair condition. You only need 2 ingredients; Cocoa powder and Coconut milk. Mix both together to form a conditioning paste and apply it to your hair. Leave it for 20 minutes and rinse properly. Skip your bottled conditioner and use this natural conditioner filled with many benefits. Cocoa powder softens your hair and covers grays, while coconut milk gives moisture and nourishment to hair. You can also make a banana honey mask by mixing them both together. A good hair mask is the best hair treatment which actually saves your hair in harsh weather!

Don't forget your supplements:

A healthy outside starts from the inside. To be healthy inside, you need to maintain a proper diet. If you are busy and are not able to take a proper diet, you should add nutritional supplements to your diet. Vitamins and minerals are essential in helping your body develop and function as it should. In short, supplements support your body’s need to stay healthy and can be used as hair regrowth treatment. Remember that nutritional supplements are not medications. Looking for a nutritional supplement for your hair? Anagrow capsules are your buddy! It is a dietary supplement not just for hair, but also for your skin & nails. These hair growth capsules scientifically formulated vitamins are packed with 4 ingredients including Biotin, Keratin, Zinc & Vitamin C. These hair capsules supports collagen production for younger-looking skin, promotes healthy hair, and repairs brittle nails. These hair softening capsules are considered the best capsules for hair growth by top dermatologists of Pakistan.


Frizzy hair can seem like a never-ending nightmare but these tips will definitely make your life easier. The mentioned tips will make your hair frizz-free and also help in retaining the hair moisture which will eventually give it a subtle and shiny look. So, take care of your hair and have a happy monsoon!

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