Here Are Dermatologists’ Tips For Keeping Your Nails Healthy

Here Are Dermatologists’ Tips For Keeping Your Nails Healthy

Maintaining healthy and strong nails does not always have to be expensive and a hassle. With the help of some best tips for nails from known dermatologists, you can easily maintain the health of your nails and cuticles with much ease. A fact regarding nail care was put forth by a dermatologist, D'Anne M. Kleinsmith, MD, of the William Hospital in Royal Oak, Mich, that overly aggressive cleaning and maintaining nails strengthen nails at risk for yeast or bacterial infections.

Therefore, you must only follow the instructions and tips given by the dermatologist for your nail care. If you follow the below-mentioned tips, you would not have to get frequent manicures for good looking and healthy nails.


Moisturize Your Cuticles Often

Tips for healthy nails include the most important thing, that is, moisturizing. You must think of your cuticles like the protective sealing around your regular bathtub. If you cut them back more than required, or push them around too aggressively, you can risk damaging them. That, in turn, can leave your nail bed open and vulnerable to many infections. As a part of regular nail care to maintain healthy nails, Kleinsmith advised moisturizing cuticles and not even pushing them back or trimming them at all, even when you are getting a professional manicure. You must also be aware of the signs of infection, that may include redness, pain, swelling, and even pus in your cuticles and the nearby skin. If this is the case, then you must see a doctor for help treating any infection. With Jenpharm Onychonil Nail serum, you can moisturize your nails very easily and regularly

Keep Your Nails Trimmed

The healthy and attractive thing is to keep your nails neat, clean, good-looking, and not too long like the talons of the past. Many people question how to take care of nails? – Well, the answer lies in proper and regular nail trimming, as it can cut out the damaged part and keep the nail healthy for as long as you are trimming it. It also helps to avoid snagging and breaking. How often you need to trim your nail, depends entirely on your nail growth. However, you can use a fine nail file to smooth out the edges of your nails. As a part of your nail care, you can also slightly buff the surface of your nails if you have any ridges, else there is no need of buffing as it can weaken healthy nails. Jenpharm also provides nail serum to combat nail issues, so that you would not have to resort to buffing as it can be damaging to your nails.

Try Biotin Or Other Nail Supplements

Eating a healthy diet guarantees strong nails and overall health and you do not have to take any supplements. However, people with weaker nails that are prone to breakage, can take benefit from supplemental biotin as it has provenly helped for strengthening and growing nails better. These dietary supplements are easily available in the market, but you should not take them without consulting your physician first. If your physician gives you a go ahead, only then, you must get these supplements. Jenpharm also has such supplements enriched with biotin from which you can easily benefit from.

Always Clean Your Nails With Nail Brush

Many women are risking the health of their nails unknowingly with rigorous cleaning under the nails with long and pointy tools. This also makes their nails prone to many infections and bacterial problems. Therefore, in order to maintain the cleanliness of the nails, dermatologists recommend using a good old-fashioned nail brush and cleaning the nails from underneath to avoid fungal infections. For those women who ask how to strengthen nails? – Cleanliness of your nails matters the most and you should be vigilant about it.

Enjoy Nail Polish

Wearing nail polish is not going to harm your healthy nails in any way, as it provides an extra coat of protection and some even moisturize the nail bed. Although, you must take periodic breaks from applying coats of nail polish as well in order for your nail to breathe. Moreover, as a part of your home manicures, you must make sure that you choose an acetone-free nail polish remover when you decide to clean the polish. It is because it ensures better nail health as acetone tends to dry the nail to the point of breaking.
These are some of the best dermatologist’s recommended nail care tips that will definitely help you to have stronger and better-looking nails.

Minimize Unnecessary Manicures

You have to keep the manicures to a minimum in order to preserve the health of your nails. Save your money and instead of going to an expensive salon, clean and trim your nails yourself and just add a coat at the end. This will ensure better nail health for you rather than having an aggressive manicure and weakening the roots of your nails and cuticles. You should skip the acrylic nails and embrace your natural ones, as the acrylics may look good at first but they will cause a lot of infection problems and even rip off your nail bed later.

Always Wear Dish Gloves While Doing Dishes

Frequently dipping hands in hot and soapy water to wash dishes can very easily weaken even strong nails, mostly because this process dries out the nails and sucks the moisture along with the rest of the skin on your hands. Protective nail care tips call for you to always be wearing gloves to protect your hands while you scrub. Interestingly, swimmers who are usually immersed in cooler water do not seem to have the same kind of challenge to their strong nails because cool water does not break the nails and keeps them strong. Likewise, there are many products for nail growth available in the market that are dermatologist approved and help you in taking care of your nails.

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