Chic And Trendy Hairstyles To Try This Summer!

Chic and Trendy Hairstyle to try this Summer!

Tired of your dusty and sweaty summer hair? With the harsh weather coming along, your hair needs an extra dose of care and love. Summer hairstyles should be useful and trendy. This summer season, make people astonished with your celebrity favorite hairstyles that can bear heat and humidity, also if you stand at the beach all day. No matter if you have long hair rolled down to the waist or a short shoulder cut, here are the trendiest hairstyles that you will absolutely fall in love with. Not a hairstylist and not good at making hairstyles? Don’t worry. We will show you some chic looks that are easy to create and are the most fun and flattering way to show off your summer looks. There is nothing like new hair to make you feel confident and beautiful. Let’s take a look at some trendy hair looks you can slay this summer!

1) Braid bun

Divide your hair into 2 equal parts. Start braiding from the middle section to the bottom. Repeat on the other side so you have two braids. After you are done braiding, take the top braided section of your hair and tie them up in a loose bun. This hairstyle is perfect for little formal events like summer parties or weddings.

2) Side-braid ponytail

Split your hair into a side parting. Take a front section of your hair and begin to braid that back and make sure that while you braid, you pull it back slightly as that way it forms in the correct shape. Tie a hairband at the bottom when you are done braiding. Now grab all your hair together at the bottom of the neck and push it into a low ponytail adding in that braid and then tying it off. Make sure it’s nice and volumized by pulling the top parts of the ponytail.

3) Twisted ponytail

Part your hair into 2 middle partings and separate front sections. Begin with twisting the two halves together twice and continue twisting and adding sections of hair into it to give a nice volume. Repeat the process on the other side of the hair. Grab the two twisted sections at the back and tie them into a ponytail. If you want a sleeky ponytail look then this hairstyle should be your first choice!

4) Twisted half-up/half-down ponytail

For this hairstyle, take two front sections of hair and pull them to the back then tie those two sections together and then flip it underneath itself. Repeat taking two sections again from the side of the head and tying them together. Repeat it again and it is completed. It is just a kind of fancy version of a half up and half down hairstyle. This hairstyle gets off hair from your face and it is perfect for a wedding or party in the summers.

5) Twisted half-up/half-down braid

It’s a continued hairstyle of twisted half-up/half-down ponytail. You just have to braid your hair instead of tying them in a ponytail. This is one of the trendy and chic hairstyles of summers and is very popular among college and school-going students.

6) Messy bun

For this hairstyle, take out random small sections at the front and tie up the rest of the hair into a bun on top, and secure bobby pins to avoid the hair falling out of the bun. This hairstyle is also super easy and it is definitely a go-to hairstyle for many girls in the summertime.

7) DIY braided headband

Take two sections of hair from behind the ear and braid those two strands. Once they are braided and secured at the ends, pull out the braid to make it a little bigger than what it is. This technique will give volume to your braids and your hair will look a lot fuller and thicker. Now take these two braids, cross them over and secure them with bobby pins. You can pull out some of your hair as per your preference. You can make a bun of the rest hair or you can open them up, as you like. This hairstyle will keep hair away from your face which makes it a perfect hairstyle for summers!

8) Slick back do ponytail

Part your hair from the middle into 2 sections. Comb them well to smooth out any bumps and apply gel to give a shiny look. Comb again and tie them into a ponytail using any hairband. Take a small strand of your hair and cover your hairband with it. Now you can spritz any hairspray you like so you can pull of your hairstyle for a whole day even if it gets extremely hot out there. This is one of the trendiest celebrity-inspired looks. You might have seen many celebrities with a slick back ponytail look in red carpets and
many events.

9) Top knot bun

Comb your hair back from your forehead and pull them in a high ponytail near the top of your head. Take the hair of your ponytail and divide them into 2 parts. Add a small amount of gel to each part. Wrap each section around the other. Once you finish wrapping, use several bobby pins in the same color as your hair. Spray your hair to give the bun an extra hold.

You don’t need to practice these hairstyles if you are not a pro as these hairstyles require minimal effort and take only 3-4 minutes to style. All of them are the trendiest heatless hairstyles. We hope you enjoy styling them and making your summer hair look cool!

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