7 Ways to Make your Hair Grow Faster and Longer

7 Ways to Make your Hair Grow Faster and Longer

Long, Lustrous, and healthy hair is the ultimate goal for every woman around the globe. Whether you have got a bad short haircut that you are now regretting or just find it difficult to grow your hair past your shoulders, achieving longer hair quickly is not an uncommon wish among women. Unfortunately, hair growth is a fairly slow process in general.

According to studies, normal human hair grows at an average of one inch per two months, or about six inches per year. Of course, some women have hair that grows slower or faster than this average rate depending on their genes and dietary habits. However, if you suffer from slow hair growth, then there are few guaranteed best products to make your hair grow faster and healthier.

Best And Proven Ways For Faster Hair Growth

Regardless of how quickly or slowly your natural hair grows, there always comes a time in most people’s lives when faster hair growth would be very convenient. It is indeed extremely frustrating to spend months upon months wishing for long hair only to tolerate the excruciatingly awkward stages of in-between hair growth that never seem to end sooner than expected. There is obviously no way to make your hair grow from a chin-length bob to a hip-length style overnight. It is because that is just not the way it naturally works. However, hair care companies, like Jenpharm, have brought out healthy hair products that can do the trick to make your hair grow faster than usual without you having to put in an excessive amount of effort or money.

Pamper your Scalp

Dirt, oil, and excess dead skin can easily pile up on the scalp and make it harder for the hair growth to come through. Therefore, it is recommended that you massage your scalp with your fingers every time you shampoo in order to work all the gunk off of your scalp and increase blood flow that will result in happier, healthier, more active follicles, ultimately resulting in a faster hair growth. Jenpharm has “Sebornil Shampoo” that helps you to keep a clean scalp and treat hair disorders related to dry & flakiness of the scalp.

Use Hair Conditioner Consistently

One of the many ways to make your hair grow faster is using hair conditioners consistently with every wash. Every time you shampoo your hair, you must use a conditioner too. It’s totally worth the extra two minutes you have to spend in the shower. It is so, conditioning your hair helps soften, strengthen, and soothe your hair locks, which in turns helps them grow much more quickly. If possible, leave your conditioner in your hair for two to five minutes at least before rinsing it out in order to maximize its effects.

Eliminate the Use of Heat

Your flat iron or curler might be your best friend, but you have got to say goodbye if you are serious about growing your hair quickly and in a healthy way. Using heat on your hair is one of the most damaging things you can ever do to it. Instead of using flat irons and curling rods, embrace your natural hair and discover new styles that help your natural hair look great without using any sort of heat. Or if you really want to use heating tools, you should always use a heat-protecting spray/serum before going in with it.

Try Oils and Hair Serums

There are certain oils and hair serums that can do wonders for strengthening your hair and helping it grow more quickly. This comes under one of the best treatments to make your hair grow faster. Coconut oil, jojoba oil, and avocado oils are all effective hair-strengthening oils. Simply rub a bit of oil between your palms and use your fingers to comb it through your hair. Just make sure to use the oil sparingly to avoid greasy-looking hair. Likewise, using hair serums after hair wash can keep the locks in protection mode from all the dirt and pollution of the city. For this purpose, Jenpharm offers “Anagrow Hair Serum” that stimulates hair growth at root level and prolongs the life cycle of your hair.

Take Iron Supplements Regularly

Amazingly, your diet can be extremely impactful factor on how quickly or slowly your hair grows. If you want your hair to grow more quickly, add an increased amount of iron in your regular diet. When you don’t consume enough iron on a regular basis, the health of your hair decreases visibly and it grows more slowly. This is because iron allows your body to use proteins that strengthen your hair and help it grow more quickly. You can add iron in your diet through many ingredients like eggs, beans, and more. Likewise, you can also use Jenpharm’s “Revivoderm” nutritional supplements in order to enhance the health of your hair, nails, and skin.

Use a Hair Comb

If you are one of the people who brush their hair when it is wet, then you might be inadvertently weakening your hair and slowing its growth rate to a very low level. Brushing your hair, especially when it is wet, puts strain on your hair and it can even pull out an excessive number of strands. In order to help your hair, stay strong and grow more quickly, use a comb instead of a brush. Correspondingly, make sure to comb your hair gently. Start from the bottom of your hair and never rip or pull to release tangles. You can also use your fingers to comb through the strands if needed.

Never Stifle your Hair

Many women who want their hair to grow more quickly often end up smothering their hair with treatments, masks, and other unnecessary techniques. Sometimes, the fastest way to make your hair grow is to just leave it alone. Avoid using excessive chemical hair products and try to shampoo your hair as infrequently as you can. Leaving your hair alone as much as possible is actually one of the most effective ways to strengthen it and speed up its growth rate.

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