3 Steps To Keep Your Acne Under Control!

3 Steps to Keep Your Acne Under Control!

Dear pimples if you are going to live on my face, I need to see some rent. A quote that justifies almost everyone’s feelings. Some of us have taken dozens of trips to the dermatologist to discover a way that works for our skin and helps us in getting rid of acne. We might have invested a lot in our skincare routine, most of us have to still fight a battle with occasional breakouts. We all get pimples! How to deal with acne is varied from person to person as everyone has a unique skin type, skin tone, lifestyle, genetic history, and medical conditions. The same skincare routine or products aren’t suitable for everyone suffering from acne. Also, one shouldn’t use skincare or acne products unless they are backed up with science or are clinically tested and proven.

Home remedies and Acne

How to get rid of pimples? Home remedies are not an answer! You might be really tempted to try out multiple remedies at once so you can get rid of your acne overnight, it isn’t really a good idea. Using multiple products or harsh chemicals all at once can irritate your skin. you need to keep your skincare routine simple. If any product is making your skin feel uncomfortable, it’s better to leave it urgently. Products like cleansers are pretty quick to judge but some moisturizers or night creams take a couple of weeks to show any reaction.

How to get rid of Acne?

If you are ready for your skin to look at its best, then it’s time to stop pulling out pimples. We have rounded off the top 3 tips to remove acne. Though all skin types are different, these tips reduce inflammation and clear up acne for almost everyone.

Cleanse out the bad guys!

Cleansing your face is one of the most important steps of skincare for acne-prone skin. if you are willing to achieve clear skin, then investing in a good cleanser is a must! Wondering how to remove acne without buying expensive cleansers? We know some cleansers can cost you a fortune but if you are looking for anti-acne cleansers that fall in your budget, we got you covered. Jenpharm’s mandelac cleanser comes at a great price of PKR 498 and is a powerful blend of 3% mandelic acid and vitamin E to help acne-prone and hyperpigmented skin. Mandelac facewash removes excessive oil and dirt from your skin without stripping its natural oils. Mandelic acid is perfect for controlling acne and breakouts. This cleanser is a must-have if you want to reduce hyperpigmentation, acne eruptions, unwanted bacteria on the skin, and acne scars.

Cleansing steps: Take a small amount of cleanser, apply it on your face, and massage throughout. Rinse completely. It is recommended to cleanse your face twice a day at least.

Moisturizer is your best friend:

You might wonder that you don’t need a moisturizer if you have oily skin. Well, here you did it wrong! You need to hydrate your skin daily even if it's oily and acne-prone. Your skin needs moisture because when the skin is dry, it generates more oil to overcome dehydration. Excessive oil clogs the pores and leads to more breakout than ever before. The right choice of moisturizer prevents the skin from becoming dry and irritated. Moisturizers have “humectants”, which hydrate your skin, and “emollients” which form a protective layer and trap the water in the skin. There are different kinds of moisturizers. Some are in form of lotions, creams, or gels. Moisturizers can be water-based and oil-based. With so many choices, how to know what will suit your skin the best. An oil-free moisturizer is recommended to use with acne-prone skin. Clinically approved, DermiVe oil-free moisturizer is a silky, creamy foundation, infused with ceramides and hyaluronic acid is a perfect moisturizer for every skin type, especially oily skin. It is non-greasy and lightweight which nourishes your skin without clogging. The moisturizer includes SPF 20 which protects skin from Ultraviolet rays. 

Note: You should avoid touching your face so you do not transmit any unwanted bacteria to your face. Also, if you have the habit of picking your pimples, you need to stop as this habit causes blemishes and you can get acne scars.

Get your serum:

A good quality serum is the exact treatment of acne on the face. The serum is one of the skincare products that can be used for treating issues like acne. Serums are used after cleansing and before applying a moisturizer. Jenpharm’s MandelAC serum contains 20% Mandelic acid that is ideal for acne or post-acne discoloration. It’s a perfect peeling solution for those with acne, marks, blemishes, or uneven skin tones. This serum works magically and removes dead skin cells giving a radiant look to your skin. It removes early aging signs and wrinkles enhancing the collagen strength of the skin cells. It works miraculously for acne pimples and marks which enhances overall skin texture.

Now you will be enough aware of how to remove acne? We have mentioned the simplest skincare steps that will help you a lot and are suitable for almost most acne-prone skin. Jenpharm Pakistan has the best skincare products in Pakistan. They are not only clinically tested and proven but also dermatologically recommended. You should always pick your products from a clinically proven brand to avoid any harsh reactions on your sensitive skin. If you follow these three basic skincare steps, your skin will stay young and beautiful like you always wanted it to be.

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