12 tips to help you pack for your holiday

12 Tips To Help You Pack For Your Holiday

Don’t listen to what they say, go and see yourself. Travelling is one of the healthiest addictions. Travelling is also known as an investment in yourself. By traveling, you learn about different cultures, food, new sites, and music, etc. it is one of the best experiences. Travelling is important for human happiness and mental health.

Pack today for your coming vacation

If your vacation is here but the thought of packing is constantly freaking you out then there is no need of stressing over it anymore. Our traveling experience has helped us gather a lot of travel hacks which we will be sharing with you all. Stress-free travels start with smart packing. Here are a few tips that will help you a lot regardless of how many days you are traveling.

1) Roll your clothes to save space

Maybe you are already aware of this tip but if you aren’t, let us explain. Rolling your clothes saves space. The key is to create maximum space and use every inch. You can start with the bulkiest items. You can put socks in re-sealable bags and stuff them into shoes. This way you can pack more items using less space. You can pack blazers and other lined clothing inside out. This will help to avoid getting wrinkles.

2) Don’t get weighed down by Toiletries and other extras

Save empty travel-size bottles to refill and use on trips over and over again. This saves space and time, and this step is also very environmentally friendly. To avoid leaks and spills in your suitcase, place a square of plastic wrap over the bottles before closing the cap. Empty prescription bottles are also good for things like cotton swabs. An old contact case can be put to great use. From storing small supplies of foundation and other makeup to little necessities like safety pins. Keep delicate jewelry secure and tangle-free by laying them out on a sheet of press n seal plastic wrap. Place another sheet on top, then seal, roll, and pack away somewhere safe.

3) Go digital

If you are a reader who loves to read tons of magazines and books while lying next to the ocean but hate to carry the weight of those heavy books and magazines, this tip is for you. Ditch the heavy stacks of books and magazines and go digital! Loading titles onto your tablet or smartphone will save paper, money, and most importantly, your shoulders!

4) Pack your basic medical kit

Bringing your medical kit on vacation is always a wise decision, especially on long vacations. Having these things in your basic medical kit can save you from many troubles; Antiseptics, Sterile bandages, thermometer, aspirin, motion sickness pills, anti-diarrheal medication, and laxatives, etc.

5) Protect your skin!

Sunscreen is a thing which you shouldn’t forget even when you are in your home. During traveling, your sun exposure increases. Either you are sitting in a car moving towards your destination or you are relaxing by the beach. You might be hiking or sitting at your campsite. In all ways, your exposure to the sun has been maximized. So please, in any case, do not forget your sunscreen! Even if you are going to be inside a plane all day, your skin needs the protection of a good sunscreen to help it resist damage from UVA and UVB rays coming through.

Note: It’s best to carry a minimum of SPF 40 during vacation.

6) Pack your favorite moisturizer

Whether you are at home or traveling, heat, cold, stress, temperature changes, pollution, and humidity all affect our skin. In fact, these factors can lead to dehydration and a dull complexion. The lack of moisture in the air wreaks your skin. This is the main reason why people come back from long trips looking not their best. To this problem, hydration is the key solution. Look out for products that emphasize the nutrients that promote hydration. From sheet masks to moisturizers to toners, everything is a big savior but always carry the products that are travel-friendly. Always make sure to pick up dermatologically approved products.

7) Don’t forget to carry your dry shampoo

Whether you have issues with water, you are living in a cold climate, or you want to look clean after a long hike without washing your hair, dry shampoo is a must-have for your travel haircare routine. You can spray some on your scalp to freshen up your hair look. Dry shampoo soaks up extra oil from your scalp and gives volume to your hair. You can easily find a dry shampoo that fits your budget requirements. You can also take some natural hair products like mild shampoos along. They will help control and prevent hair frizz.

8) Covid essentials

Traveling with covid has become a lot more difficult. As we are becoming habitual of this new life, many countries have opened their borders. Before traveling, a negative PCR test is mandatory to check in for the flight along with the vaccination card. It is highly recommended to carry additional masks and sanitizers in your hand carry.

9) Keep electronics and cables in a separate pouch

Sometimes, you urgently need to connect your phone to your power bank but you couldn’t find it due to so many things mixed up in your bag. To avoid such circumstances, you need to organize your hand carry. Always keep your electronics and cables separated from the rest of your stuff. This way, you will be able to locate them in your luggage quicker. We recommend using a separate pouch to pack your electronics and cables. You can also buy an electronics organizer.

10) Save space for your holiday purchases

Every airline has its own luggage criteria. You always need to save up space for additional purchases. You always bring up more back home with you than when you left. Always make sure that you have plenty of space available.

11) Don't stuff your bag with shoes

Shoes are one of the biggest and most frustrating items of luggage. How many pairs of shoes you are taking along depends on how long your vacations are. We suggest that 3 pairs are more than enough for an average of 1-2 weeks of holidays. An additional tip is to clean your shoes and stuff socks in them. You can wrap your shoes in a plastic bag and place them in your suitcase.

12) Additional stuff to carry

While packing, it is important to have additional stuff along; Sunglasses, rain covers, international travel power adapter, headphones, power bank, and cleaning wipes can be of great help and should be packed along.

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