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Winter Care Bundle (Normal/Oily Skin)

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Winter care bundle

All your favorite products in a pack! Carefully curated by our experts for your everyday needs. Highlight our best winter care picks, this dermatologist’s favorite kit is packed with our favorite oil free hydrating moisturizer, 10% Urea moisturizing lotion to replenish the lost Urea in your skin due to dry season and Spectra Matt with SPF 40 for a shine-free matt finish. This iconic kit is a MUST HAVE in winter for anyone with normal/oily skin. Our clients love the glow & healthy texture of their skin thanks to this powerful hydrating & protection combo.

What's included?

 1 Dermive Oil Free, 1 pack Dermive Urea, 1 pack SpectraMatt


    Apply a small quantity of Dermive Oil Free to slightly moist skin two to three times during the day to lock up the moisture and maximum hydration.
    Smoothen out & Protect your skin during day time with dermatologists favourite SpectraMatt SC which is not only an excellent sunblock but has sebum control properties to minimize sebum residue for further acne breakout. Use every 2 – 3 hours during day time..
    Apply liberal quantity of Dermive Urea to slightly moist skin two to three times during the day for intensive moisturization of Dry, Itchy & Flaky skin conditions. This Urea based moisturizer is a household favorite for full body hydration after a good hot shower. Lock up the moisture in your skin by applying to post shower pat dried skin. 
      Note: This set is on promotional discount offer and is not valid for any further discounts.

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