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Skin Brightening (For Oily Skin)

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Skin brightening

Your ultimate skin brightening kit! Recommended by dermatologists all over the country, this kit includes our top skin brightening picks; 3% Mandelic acid face wash, shine-free matt finish sunblock with SPF 40, our best seller Maxdif Night Cream with emblica and kojic acid properties for ultimate skin rejuvenation, and Maxdif G tablets which contain Glutathione - known as the most famous and proven Natural Skin Whitening formula
Our clients are indebted to all these products for giving them glowing and healthy skin. This kit is a MUST HAVE for all the skincare lovers looking to get healthy and brighter skin.

What's included?

Maxdif Cream, Maxdif G, MandelAC Face Wash, SpectraMatt SC


Dispense a small quantity of MandelAC Face Wash and cleanse your face (ideally for 60 seconds) twice or thrice a day. The excellent formulation will act as an antimicrobial cleanser and will help to gently dry out acne.
Apply SpectraMatt SC SPF 40 daily at least twice a day even when staying indoors. Apply to all exposed areas after moisturizing them with Dermive Oil-Free. SpectraMatt SC is the doctor's most favorite Sunblock due to its sebum control properties which absorbs excess sebum and gives a silky matte finish to your face. 
Apply pea-size Maxdif Cream on a clean face before bed for the formulation to do the magic as you sleep. This most loved and best selling night cream is your key to bright & glowing skin.
Take 1 - 2  tablets of Maxdif G every day on an empty stomach for at least 3 – 6 months (depending on skin pigmentation) for maximum results. Its antioxidant properties make it dermatologists number 1 choice in natural skin brightening supplements. Please take a 500mg Vitamin C tablet along with Maxdif G dose for maximum results.
Note: This set is on promotional discount offer and is not valid for any further discounts.

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