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10 effective tips to get the most glowing skin of your life

By: :Ahmed Ali 0 comments
10 effective tips to get the most glowing skin of your life

How to get glowing skin? How to make your skin glow? Are these the questions that keep popping in your head and then are frequent guests of your search bar? We have listed ahead, after through research, the most effective and helping beauty tips for glowing skin and tips for a glowing face.

1. Healthy Diet:

You are what you eat! Having a healthy and balanced diet is of prime importance for keeping yourself and your skin healthy. A healthy diet is one having  a proper balance between all the nutrients required by the body e.g proteins, healthy fats, vitamins and fibers etc. Keep in mind vitamins are very important for proper nourishment of the skin, if you are suffering from vitamin deficiency we highly recommend adding Maxdif G dietary supplements to your diet plan(after consulting with your nutritionist) to counter said deficiency.

2. Use Chemical peels:

Make chemical peels a part of your skincare routine. Chemical peels get to the core of the skin and help in keeping your skin healthy and radiant. Jenpharm’s MandelAC Serum contains 20% Mandelic Acid (AHA) that is your at-home peeling solution. It exfoliates, fights acne and reveals glowing skin!

3. Hydrate yourself:

Drinking adequate amounts of water is very important for hydrated, fresh, radiant and healthy skin. Drinking plenty of water improves the overall texture and appearance of the skin as it flushes harmful toxins. Dermatologists advise drinking at least 8 ounces of water daily.

4. Exfoliate regularly:

Remember to regularly exfoliate your skin for healthy glowing skin, it cleanses skin-pores, makes skin smooth, prevents acne, allows moisturizer and other skincare products to seep deeper into your skin making your skin brighter.

5. Sleep Adequately:

Sounds odd? But it’s rather true, while sleeping the brain boosts the blood flow to the skin helping it heal and regain it’s natural vitality and glow. On the contrary having irregular sleep patterns and less sleep have devastating effects on your skin’s health, not getting enough sleep rips skin off it’s natural glow and making it dull and lifeless and let’s all not forget the dark circles.

6. Overnight face masks:

Overnight face masks are the best way to help your skin rejuvenate and revitalize as you sleep and rest between the sheets. These superpowered moisturizers help retain your skin’s moisture and make sure you wake-up to hydrated and healthy glowing skin.

7. Cleanse Properly:

Skin pores get clogged with dirt, pollutants and dead skin cells this makes skin dull and pale and strips skin’s glow and complexion. Cleanse your face every morning, after any strenuous activity, after staying out in the sun and dust and every evening before going to bed. Regular cleansing removes all the dirt and dead cells, making your skin clean, fresh and radiant.

While choosing a cleanser it is important to select one that is compatible with your skin type and does not have any harmful ingredients.

Jenpharm’s cleansers i.e MandelAC Facewash and Maxdif Facewash, are carefully engineered to counter acne and to be compatible with every skin type respectively. Cleanse your face off of dirt, dead skin cells and pollutants making your skin brighter, fresher and more radiant.

8. Moisturize your skin:

Always keep your skin moisturized, especially after a bath and before going to bed, moisturizing helps skin retain hydration and provides skin the nourishment it needs to counter the ill effects of pollution and sun radiations, furthermore moisturizing your skin rids you from dry and flaky skin and hydration gives and instant boost to your skin’s complexion and glow.

Jenpharm’s array of moisturisers, Dermive Oil Free and Dermive Oily, cater to every skin type, providing your skin the nourishment it deserves.

9. Protect your skin:

In our daily lives we often have to step out for work or chores etc. This means that our skin will be exposed to sunlight, use of sunscreens when stepping out is very important as they protect our skin from harmful effects of UV-rays coming from the sun, It is important to take into consideration that prevention from sun damage is a million times better than treating the after effects.

Spectra Block SPF- 60, Spectra Block Max SPF- 100 and Spectra Matt SC SPF-40 formulated by Jenpharm are among the prime sunscreens in the market, providing the required protection from UV-Rays, along with nourishment

10. Use dermatologist approved products:

While buying and using skincare products make sure to buy well reputed and dermatologist recommended products to protect your skin from damage and to keep it healthy and vibrant.

Bonus Tips:

1. Avoid Popping Zits:

We understand how frustrating zits are and how tempting it is to pop them, but believe us you don't want to be a pimple popper as popping the zits leaves scars behind and can even cause the problem to increase. So avoid popping those zits if you want smooth, and scar free glowing skin and apply dermatologist recommended products to counter those pimples.

2. Avoid Smoking:

Smoking isn’t only bad for your lungs but also your skin. Smoke of cigarettes contains carbon monoxide which makes skin dull and even discolor your skin. Avoid smoking and your skin will be thankful to you for it.

3. Don't Use too much makeup:

Everyone has different skin and reacts differently to cosmetics, using too much makeup can clog-up skin-pores causing skin dullness and dryness.

Jenpharm is a well reputed, dermatologist recommended personal-care brand providing top tier products, free of parabens and steroids, carefully formulated to cater everyone’s personal-care needs

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